I just saw this article on ABC in regards to Clover Moore, I'm quite fed up with all the useless rules and legislations that designed to confine people in their little boxes made of ticky-tacky.


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Sad day for people that voted her in

Very sad but it does go to show just what an effective political force Clover is. The only way O'Farrell can defeat her is to legislate against her presence in Parliament.

A good speech I thought. Can leave comments. KK says she is a cyclist on her blog profile, so good on her. 

I'm sure there will be a mini-Moore indy candidate for the state seat.

Or an excellent green.

At the time there would have been little point in putting up a serious candidate I suppose.

My thinking was very strongly that she would choose to stay at CoS, which she's done. On the other hand, those in her electorate will be sufficiently browned off at losing 'their' member (she's been in NSW Parliament for nearly twenty years now, after all) that any Independent for the seat who secures Clover's backing will romp it in over any major-party candidate.

I am sorry to see her go from the Parliament, though. Interesting that yesterday CoS signed a huge deal for off-grid, small-scale power generation in the Sydney CBD - $100m dollars' worth. Why has that kind of trailblazing fallen to a city authority? I'm glad that they're doing it, but where are state and federal governments leading the way on this one??

The demographics of Clover's state seat are becoming quite Liberal quite quickly. It used to be a strong Labor seat, but it isn't any more. In the absence of Clover it might actually be an interesting three-way struggle between Labor, Liberal and the Greens.

My 2 pennies worth; Clover has been in power long enough to do some good and she has done what the people who have voted wanted her to. The major parties are only really concentrating on the next election, as we can see from this bill, which the misguided Libs think will be a shoe in for them now that Clover is gone (well she will be if she contests the next council elections).

Sad sad day ...

"Clovers Dog"  A bit like the Bill Hayden comment about the "drovers dog" and a good catchphrase to shows what a stitchup this is. "Clovers Dog could win the in the seat of Sydney"



Especially with the comments... So much hate. Especially towards bike lanes. Mainly from people who probably have never even laid their own eyes on one.


Anyone would think that other MP's never had any other sort of concurrent role. I mean no other MP's are Ministers, Premiers (or any other office holder), directors of companies, solicitor's practices etc etc. /s, so why just stop at local council positions if we are talking about removing dual roles and devoting 100% of time to one thing.


There seemed to be a synegy by Clover having both roles, THINGS GOT DONE! Maybe it was actually beneficial?


People whinge when nothing gets done, that there are too many layers of government, then when there is an example of something alternative, it gets shot down too. Sydneysiders have no freaking idea what they want, or the consequences of getting what they seem to want.


Need to read some more of The Enlightened Cyclist before I head off on the commute this arvo me thinks.


This was a play the person, not the ball. With some collateral damage too. Bit scary that if the government of the day doesn't like your elected representitive that they can legislate to remove them (or restrict from being able to continue representing).





She's done more for both her electorate, the City of Sydney, and the whole of the state than most anonymous back benchers combined. We should focus on the output of our pollies rather than how many hats they wear. All I've ever had or heard from my* local member is via one electoral pamphlet that arrived in the mail the other week.

* Not really "my" local member, as I didn't, can't and won't vote for him or anyone else, but he represents the electorate in which I reside.


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