I just saw this article on ABC in regards to Clover Moore, I'm quite fed up with all the useless rules and legislations that designed to confine people in their little boxes made of ticky-tacky.


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whether you could/did vote for them or not they are still there to serve YOU

It's totally fair enough. Good on you Bazza! I mean how is she supposed to do anything for or listen to the residents of Sydney when she's busy... doing stuff for and listening to the residents of Sydney?!?


This bullsh!t legislation was being sold on the basis that MPs couldn't concentrate on two jobs at once. Probably true for most of the bunch of deadheads.

But what about Ministers, eh? Some of those MPs are Ministers as well as local members, often Ministers for multiple departments. HTF do they do justice to several jobs at once? Don't add up.

But we know it was aimed at Clover, however they try to spin it.

Shame, Barry, shame.

Well done for getting my sarcasm without me needing to put smilies on my post :)

Yup, her job as 2 Sydney rep's is surely far easier than being MP for Back of Bourke and Minister for Defence (or whatever).

Sydney Cyclist has most of its members in Clovers electorate so could be a good chance to lobby all candidates for more bike facilities. With such a big majority in parliament I guess the Libs won't care too much but if a Lib did get in they may have more influence than Lab or Green or Indie. Bike planning might take a different direction but it could still continue. This may be heresy.

The thing is that most people who hate the Cycleways are in neither of her electorates, they are invariably from the 'burbs. And read the Tele.

All this anti democracy is a bit much. If this didn't impact on Clover Moore and her great work, would any of us care? I think we should be more outraged at the attacks on the cycleways.

Its Ok I can do 2 jobs at once, I can be outraged about this and the attack on cycleways ;)


The first comment on the Tele's website is that her tears are for "the $300k she's dropping".

Goes to show how ill-informed they are over there.

Clover Moore donates her spare salary, in its entirety, to charitable projects. I have colleagues who set up a children's writing programme, and got money from her.

Two jobs, one salary. What a woman.


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