I think I have probably said too much already for this to be much of a mystery... so I want EXACT details, people!

Details like the name of the road and how far it is from anywhere in this view in the opposite direction:

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I see the rail trail is finished then

The shunting area on the road that runs north off Railway Lane in Blayney, (Dowst? or Dowd?, anyways starts in D....), AKA The TC west rail trail!!!

If it's Blayney, its a rare winters day with no fog!

That's why it's not Blayney...

Nor TC, for that matter, bb.

Oberon > Tarana rail spur intended for a rail trail at some stage.

Good try, but you can't claim all the points for that, Dabba.

"... so I want EXACT details, people!

Details like the name of the road and how far it is from anywhere"

There is only one place where the line crosses a "main" road.

Tarana  road  a few kms to the west of the tarana pub. It's just past where this spur leaves the line to Bathurst and beyond.

WITWIN(eil's)B? Nowhere to be seen! This is the closest main road crossing of that line to where it joins the main western line.

the first pic kinda give the same message as...

This farmer has been using the rail easement as his own private dump. 

Setting aside Rutters Ridge Rd, the Un-named road to the Oberon Garbage tip and Snake Valley Rd I would lean towards Mutton Falls Rd about 2 kms south west of Tarana. It would make a great rail train if you could get the once per day train to stop at Tarana

a "main" road...

the only main road about that part is mutton falls roads and, it dont do railway crossings. Well it could but the fish creek can flow pretty quick so would need a good bridge..

Dabba could it be that once again Neil is                wrong


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