Another WITWIMB: View from Harold Reid Reserve, Middle Cove

OK sleuths. Where is this? I'm sure you can work it out.

I'll give you the clue that I visited this location on the "next bicycle-carrying adventure" alluded to here:

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The lookout on the way down Jamberoo Pass in a post climate change era?

Looks maybe like the view from Oately park, but hell of a way from LNC, so maybe Manns Pt in Greenwich.
Ok, I'm going with Harold Reid Reserve. If not there, I'm guessing somewhere overlooking Middle Harbour?
I think you are right, Harold Reid Res, looking NE.
Almost exactly the same photo on Googl Maps.
I suppose Neil you were doing the North Arm walking track?

Not this time.

I had had enough of carrying my bike after the climb from LCNP to the UTS campus where the mystery track led. There are lots of new carved stone steps interspersed with short rideable sections up the escarpment. It was only a few minutes to get to the campus which now seems closed and derelict, preparatory to conversion to utterly car-dependent apartment buildings. Well done NIMBYs, you achieved the worst of both worlds by opposing a rail bridge across the Lane Cove River. No station at UTS and now a huge traffic-generating redevelopment which far surpasses the disaster that the isolated campus once was.

Then I rode on-road to Harold Reid Reserve. The plaque the bike is leaning against identifies the location. Only the word "Harold" appeared in the photo originally but, when I entered "Harold" on Google maps, the first result was Harold Reid Reserve, so I cropped that out. Didn't want to make it too easy!

That was a difficult one, i suspected that as the location but was thrown by the background in the top right of the photo. 

It is a shame they never put a station at UTS campus. I wonder in the future, possibly the far away future, if it would be possible to excavate a shaft down to the tunnel and excavate a station area? I guess anythings technically possible. 

Did you come across any walkers who were a bit put out with a bike on the track/ happy to say hello? Or was it fairly quiet?

No walkers on the track up to UTS at all (nor in HR Res, for that matter). The steepness and multiple steps at UTS probably deter all but the fittest/most-determined walkers but, also, it was mid-week and late on a winter's day.

The official reason given for not putting a station below UTS was that, with the line underpassing LC River to avoid the NIMBYs' "noise problem" of trains on an above-river bridge (never mind the busy roads in that vicinity), the station would be too deep for safety in the event of need for emergency evacuation. Or some such bullsh!t. Of course, there is an excellent opportunity to revisit this poor decision with the approaching conversion of the line to Metro configuration. Can't see it happening, though. Because economics and commercial-in-confidence and private consortium's profit margin... 

Here's another shot taken from the same lookout as the original picture. It is perhaps a little hard to believe that it's taken in Australia, although the eucalypts suggest it must be. Who knows what the salient feature is? NO GOOGLING!


Ok, no googling, i'm pretty sure that is Castlecrag Castle, or some such. Perhaps something to do with Burley Griffin? Although i'm not sure he was keen on recreating small castles. 

Ok, googled it now. I was way off. Castle Cove for a start, and called Innisfallen Castle. 

I would have given you 50%... :-)


"Innisfallen Castle:

In 1903 Henry Willis commissioned a Parramatta architect named Hill to design a substantial residence on his land at Castle Cove in late Gothic perpendicular style. The large castle-like building was constructed from sandstone quarried on site and features a crenellated tower on the northern side, three-stories high with a separate staircase that two maids used for their quarters. Each corner is graced by a solid stone circular turret and the exterior walls are two feet thick. The interior joinery is of cedar with seven foot doorways and ceilings 14 feet high. The decoration has a strong Federation theme with many Australian wildflowers depicted in the plaster and stained glass. Willis named his creation Innisfallen Castle after a ruined abbey at Killarney, Ireland."

I think most of the residents of Castle Cove used to refer to the building as "Willis Castle". I'm not sure it is still "in the family" though.

What on earth led the owner to build a castle in the Sydney bush?

I came across another castle north of Young last year,Iandra, built by the inventor of the Header. He built a village and church too, put in a railway and had share farmers, trying to be a Laird of the Valley.

Wow, great location! I have never been there, but this pic looks so amazing. I love castles, I will have to travel there someday. Nice one!


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