I think I have probably said too much already for this to be much of a mystery... so I want EXACT details, people!

Details like the name of the road and how far it is from anywhere in this view in the opposite direction:

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After all the talk of TC I decided to come back via there on Sunday, between Bathurst and TC was thinking "this seems like it would be a nice ride" but a bit beyond TC you plunge down to the Abercrombie River, decent (ascent if coming the other way) of about 900m, quickly changed mind , also a bit of dirt south of the Abercrombie and  a gap, about 65kms, between TC & Binda with nothing. Wish I had better legs.

TC seems to have pub, police station & a few other options (oval)

Profile Bathurst - TC (55) - Goulburn (185)

Thanks Bill. 9 years ago I drove the route on the attached profile through Crookwell > Abercrombie Caves (78) > Trunkey Creek (92) > Rockley (121) > Oberon (155) > O'Connell (179) > Bathurst (203), but I must have blinked when we went through TC. I certainly don't remember it.

I remember the gravel between AC and Crookwell, but on a touring bike that's OK. I'd been pondering the following as an alternative from Millthorpe>Blayney>Newbridge>Bathurst and then Bathurst>Brewongle>Tarana>Meadow Flat>Lithgow as my last few days ride back from Adelaide.

  • Millthorpe>Blayney>TC>Abercrombie Caves camping ground (didn't like the prospect of a night in TC police station);
  • Abercrombie Caves>Crookwell; and
  • Crookwell>Goulburn.

I've ridden the Crookwell>Goulburn bit before, and it's all downhill. Not sure whether to catch a train home from there or ride some of the back/gravel roads to Moss Vale and then train home.

Both routes have a few bumps, but that's one of the joys of touring. I'll probably decide on it as the time gets closer depending on how fit I am, the weather, and how much time I've got left.


The facilities at the caves looked good only downside is about 150m climb back to the road but the road was good though very narrow and a few fairly steep bits

You weren't kidding about those magpies. Lots of noise but only one swoop with no contact, unlike Saturday.

Roads were good. Lots of hills but nothing overly strenuous. But my goodness it was cold near Oberon (who would have thought). The "snow and ice on road" signs were open and I could easily believe it. We enjoyed the coffee, cake and fire at the Tarana cafe.

The Kelso roadworks would be best avoided.

Your job for tonight. Adjust degree of float to maximum on your gumboots cleats.

The Fish and Macquarie will be full on and worth a...... look.

Regarding gumboots,

If you're thinking of heading to Forbes, Don't!

I'm heading to West Wyalong in a fortnight's time. Hope the waters have receded by then. Starting at Cootamundra.

Bob, I remember a few years ago when Wagga was flooded. A month or so after it happened I rode along the Hume from Goulburn to Gundagai over a couple of days. Every time I got near rivers, ponds etc, the frogs were singing. It was great to hear! I rarely hear that when touring.

You better be quick Bob!!It really is that wet that even a scud = flud. Water has no where to go so my guess it will still be wet. Some of the low spots south of WW have been wet for months and the roads are pretty rubbish due to trucks. The Newell should be oayk but the 110 k limits ( really 120) don't make the riding much fun.

That said it don't get much better that the soights of the Charcole Tank Rest Area!!

Take heed of the river flow levels on this site along with the road closures shown here..


from the above site, the big blue blob is Lake Cowal and the Lachlan is the blue line above it. In context, Warragamba is the dark line on the RHS, Lake George, bottom RHS, light blue.

You should see an amazing amount of water cause West Wyalong is very flat, and there is water backed up everywhere atm

I did Forbes & Condobolin in May and Temora in July so OK although just like traffic rules floods don't apply to cyclists?


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