Hi, should preface that this query may be journalism-related. 

But in the wake of those Cranks stores closing, I was wondering if there had been any other LBS locations that have closed recently?

Michael O'Reilly (Sydney Morning Herald)

(2017 update of title to "closed/opened" reflecting expanded topic of thread)

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But Adrian owns that premises. I suspect he is just retiring and consolidating all interests to his son at Marrickville.

The rumour (seemingly confirmed by ASIC company registration site) over on that other good cycling site BNA is that Cell Bikes is no longer with us (although the website seems to still be active but doubts raised if orders are actually being shipped)

Another loss, I have bought some stuff from them when prices were right or comparable with os and wandered the Stanmore store when in the area

Ouch. That's a pity and a loss


No shortage of people happy to get your business

Wow. Amazing to read that now Richard.

Yeah, I got caught up in a discussion on Facebook about the victims of this collapse.

Yes, there are some consumers that have no doubt made some significant personal loses and that is very bad.

I just wanted to point out that there's no winners, no bad guy laughing & scampering off with the loot of a well played scam etc.

Bad all around.


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