Hi, should preface that this query may be journalism-related. 

But in the wake of those Cranks stores closing, I was wondering if there had been any other LBS locations that have closed recently?

Michael O'Reilly (Sydney Morning Herald)

(2017 update of title to "closed/opened" reflecting expanded topic of thread)

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Hmm... that's an interesting idea.

Also about 2 mins from the SMH office too :)

Talk to the distributors like Dirt Works, Oceania, Bicycle Parts WholesaleDiggariCassons (to name a few). They can give you a bigger picture for what is happening outside of Sydney.

Didn't the Deus Ex Machina shop close on Bourke Str?

Deus Bikes moved into the Deus store on Parramatta Road. Shame, the Bourke Street shop was a much more cycle friendly location.

Blue Mountains cycles in Springwood are closing at the end of this month. :(

Oh dear :-(

Sable & Argent in Bourke St Woolloomolloo is another that closed recently.

Is it 5 or 6 bike shops that have recently started trading on clarence st?

Boring!  Where are the SMH clicks for ad revenue in that story...

Internet kills bike shop is waaaay better. ;)

(Don't forget the million bucks that clarence st cyclery just spent on a refurb for the first time in 30 years)

In the northern beaches...

Ride In Workshop, Balgowlah (similar business model to Bike Brain) who are really busy.

Just for kicks, there is also http://www.bicyclesonline.com.au/ who started online (ORLY?), but have recently-ish opened a retail shop.

Slightly off-topic I love this business model. Had a very good first experience at Ride In Workshop. I sometimes feel I get second rate service if I'm not a big buyer at typical bike retail shop.


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