In Glebe, corner of Bridge Rd and Wentworth Park Rd. I have lost count of the number of times I've had a driver cut in front of me to make a left turn here. I routinely take the left lane now as I ride south in Bridge Rd past the T junction, but that didn't stop the woman driving a black sedan this morning. I didn't hear her behind me, but caught her flashing left indicator in my peripheral vision and was able to brake in time to avoid being flattened as she cut across me from the outside lane. She definitely saw me (otherwise she would have made the turn from the left lane), but just could not be arsed waiting another 3 seconds to let me clear out of her path. The most charitable interpretation I can come up with is that she might have misjudged my speed.

I didn't have time to get the number plate but have reported this event to police, only in the hope that it might add to the weight of other similar reports and lead to some enforcement activity at that intersection. Has anyone else been cut off along there? I can't think of any changes I can make to my riding routine that would lessen the chances of it continuing to happen, but would welcome any suggestions.

Helmet cam time for me, I think.

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yes and i do try to report them as well. i am told by the local police video footage helps...

The radius of the corner is too big there - it encourages drivers to make a high-speed left turn. If the corner radius was smaller drivers would have to slow down to less than cyclist speed, and left-hooking wouldn't be such a temptation for them.

The only way to prevent being left hooked would be to take the entire right lane to yourself, but drivers don't like that. An air-horn may have made her crap herself and hit the brakes before crossing over to the left lane. But I do get left hooked when driving the car as well as the bike. But taking the lane will prevent all but the worst of the drivers hooking you, it's the worst of them that will imprint on you.

Ah, the left turn sideswipe.  A classic!

Here is the spot...

Agree with Colin, that corner could be built out to deter fast left hooks, although nothing is going to help if they start from the right lane! It would also help pedestrians to cross there.

Some time ago (remember the thread when Noel Bike had a near miss on the bend under the railway) I suggested we need to ask CoS to look at PB Rd to make improvements for cyclists, as it is a fairly popular route. Would like to come up with a list of hazards and possible solutions to present to CoS, plus do a photo or video survey. Fiona C did say she would look at suggestions, so anyone willing to do some work?

I would join a small group to recommend on-road marking from the corner of Parra Rd and Bridge Rd through to Pyrmont Bridge. This is an RMS road as I understand it so we'd be seeking SC to support (contribute to) the research.

The SW bound road between the Abercrombie St intersection and the SW side of the intersection discussed here gets a lot of bike travelers including myself daily. I think there needs to be lighting along this section and at least in the intersection concerned, a green painted path across the intersection.

And also, maybe, a solid white line to signal the prohibition of lane changes in the 50 metres northeast of the intersection. As has been done further northeast, on the other side of the road, immediately before the slip lane onto the Anzac Bridge.

It is a bad spot there - I used to get cut up at the junction frequently when I rode that way on my way home to Stanmore.

@Tony A, yes, exactly where it happened. And I agree with Bob and Colin that the corner needs to be made sharper.

Anyone riding there in the left lane, if you think you're being stalked by a silver Subaru Forester, don't worry. It will only be me, corking the outside lane for you.

Can only say that is very frightening, and seems to be happening too much everywhere. A grey Merc cut across me from behind the other day, zooming off Balmain Rd into a side street. Just leaves you totally fuming, but at least she missed me.

I hope we can convince RMS to do something at Wenty Pk Rd, and along all of PB Rd like Noel says. CoS is interested in off road stuff, but maybe they might assist at some key points.

I might start a Group for this and we can then discuss ways to make progress, maybe have a ride through, do a video, photos, etc. Easy to identify problem areas if you ride that route regularly, so that would be a start.

What about the bit of green strip on Lilyfield Road which cars heading east can overtake each and every bike so they can avoid having to give way to any nasty bikers and just turn into Denison without being delayed in anyway whatsoever?  ( Alright if you are really belting it along, some drivers do hang back, but not many)


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