Was anyone brave enough to ride today? I hate being thought of as a Fair Weather Princess but this torrential rain has shown I do have limits.


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People who love riding in the rain-please tell me why, because I think I must be missing something.

I really, really, really do not love it. Main issues are probably a) glasses getting wet (taking them off or contacts not an option) and b) safety concerns (visibility, skidding, coupled with general uncoordination). That, and increased motorist/pedestrian crazy.


It's priciple to me, I feel anyone can ride in the dry, but I talk the talk so I'd better walk the walk as it were, also can't do without the exercise. Helps me get through the day.

Also its never as bad as I think its going to be.

Have a good one everyone

I can't solve the glasses thing, but other than that - because it's fun.  Kids love stomping in puddles and getting wet, but we were all told "don't get wet" so often that it was drummed into us.  It doesn't hurt (as long as you're not cold as well), and when you let go of the wetness resistance, it's fun and like being a kid again.  Tasting the raindrops as they run down your face.  Lifting up your legs as you glide through the big puddles.  Heaps of fun.

Disclaimer: I didn't ride today (day off), and I don't like getting back into wet clothes or shoes later.

I feel really alive when I ride in the rain. I love being in the elements.  I feel sorry for those who sit in their cars and don't experience the real world.


Fiona, I too wear glasses. I've tried contacts when riding in the rain but I find that you still need to wear glasses to protect your eyes from the rain. I always carry a small towel in my handlebar bag and when I stop at the lights i quickly wipe my glasses down. If it's really heavy rain then i  have no option but to take my glasses off.


Yeah, I can't seem to get past the water blindness! It's not so much getting wet that bothers me about riding in the rain, it's not being able to see which, coupled with slippery factor, makes me feel a bit outta control. I too do the wipe down at the lights thing, but I find the reduced vision really bothers me, even in the short time between wipe-downs.


I have heard of people putting windshield water repellant stuff on their glasses. I would be a bit scared of doing in case it ruined my glasses.

I use sunlight soap or dishwashing green stuff for anti-fog. No damage to light plastic photosensitive lenses.


Contact lenses in the rain.

+1 to playing in puddles. Riding in the rain is good excuse for playing in the water.

The 'crazy' bit does it for me. I tend to be that little bit more in the moment when riding in the rain, concentrating on bike handling, less distracted, in 'the zone'. That's part of the fun.

Nah worse thing about rain is getting back into your wet riding clothes to ride back home after work, feels yuck.

I don't love it. I just don't mind it.

Yeah, safety concerns. Ride to the conditions. Good lights. Take the longer safer route.

A cap (under the helmet, if you wear one) helps with rain on the glasses.

The safety concerns are perhaps more imagined than real - just a case of getting used to it. Ride more carefully, take off-road paths where necessary. Leave more space for braking. Pavements work well in the rain, as there are fewer pedestrians.

Motorists can be a bit more crazy in the rain, but in really heavy rain it's usually OK; I find light rain actually more problematic as the roads tend to be more slippery (as the rain mixes with oil on the road) and cars don't slow down. Heavy rain washes the oil away, and cars do tend to slow down. This morning, they were mostly stationary!

For me, though, it's also a mind set thing. If you consider rain as something you need to avoid, then it's hard to enjoy riding in it. However, if you see rain as an experience to be enjoyed, then it's all good. Put waterproofs on if you want, or just go out and get wet (it's rarely that cold in Sydney, esp for a short ride). And laugh at the water that goes down your neck. Ride slow, ride safe, avoid the cars if you're nervous about traffic, and laugh, knowing you are experiencing something magical that has been part of life for millions of years that your fellow Sydneysiders are missing out on.

On a practical note, I find keeping my feet dry almost impossible. Tried all sorts of things. So this morning I didn't bother, and wore head to toe gore-tex with and thongs. Worked a treat, and I don't have to put wet shoes back on tonight.


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