The Alison Rd shared path is blocked for the next few days due to light rail construction. Spoke to the woman charged with diverting ped and bike traffic onto the footpath on the other side of the road and she said she had been copping abuse from cyclists, which I understand but don't condone.

Interestingly, she said she didn't know why "they" get so angry since they are all "fitness freaks" and should like the extra exercise. She suggested that don't like to be diverted because then they have to stop at traffic lights like 'normal traffic'. 

I pointed out that cyclists get their fair share of red lights, but didn't have time to get into the fitness freak thing because the green man went and I left. I would have liked to point out that at that time of the morning at that location these 'fitness freaks' are just commuters on their way to work.

I think if they divert the cyclists earlier to go through Centennial park many cyclists would be less put out. 

But anyway, I think its an insight into how some Australians perceive cyclists, and that you have to be some kind of fitness freak to want to cycle to work. Really though, if you live in Randwick, getting to the CBD by bicycle is just faster and easier than any other method. 

I think she felt she could divulge her perceptions to me because I was carrying a kid on the back and wasn't myself wearing a helmet.  So I wasn't 'one of them' lol. 

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I think she was referring to me, no wait I have never been there.

Most traffic ladies are very friendly I have found. I wouldn't bother losing sleep over her personal opinion.

Last year while touring between Shepparton and Wangaratta I came across a road crew. They were all friendly and cheery except for the lollipop man who hated cyclists with a vengance. When I asked him why, he couldn't say, just that he hated them.

On my trip earlier this year between Albury and Lake Hume, another road crew was rebuilding a part of the highway heading east towards Jingellic. A nicer bunch you'd go a long way to meet. I told the lollipop lady that it would take me more than 5 minutes to ride the single lane gravel hilly 1-2k's that they were working on. She didn't believe me for a very short time. Within no time at all, I had an escort to get me through the workings so that I didn't take up the road, because that would have caused a delay for the real traffic. I offered to let the bloke walking beside me as an escort to ride the bike up the hills, but he declined. It was obvious that he'd not been on a bike for a long time.

You get good and bad in everything! Pity more of the "bad" seem to be in places of power in NSW!

On a recent tour we came across a bit of gravel road that had been remade recently. Road crew had gone but they left the Road Works and speed limit signs lying in the grass nearby. We reerected them hoping for a quieter run for the next few Ks, but I don't think the locals took any notice.

Don't you just love it when you are at the end of the queue going through and the Stop and Go person and all the waiting traffic at the other end have to wait for you to get through? Tempered with anxiety though in case he or she hasn't noticed you and gives the waiting horde the green.

I was riding from Nerriga to Nowra when they were rebuilding and laying bitumen on the road a few years ago. There was one long section of maybe 20+k's that they only allowed traffic through with a front and rear escort vehicle because of all of the heavy machinery going flat out (must have been an imminent election). They put bike and gear in the back of the front escort and me in the pax seat and I had an easy day into Nowra. I'm planning on doing that road again soon, just cos it's a great ride downhill from Nerriga! And who could forget the charm of the Nerriga pub and its customers!

Can't beat that, Dabba! Although isn't there a bloody big hill UP to the top of the range after Nerriga? It used to be terrible dirt once but much more scenic. Now it's a high speed motorway.

I bet you know, but the top of the hill at Sassafrass was once mooted as a site for the Nation's capital.

Hats off to anyone who has ridden the first 6 or 7 Ks. The last 50 must be some compensation tho.

 " ...the top of the hill at Sassafrass was once mooted as a site for the Nation's capital."

Bob, G'day. At the top of the hill at Sassafras now is the Sassafras Travelling Stock Reserve ... which is a far more useful use for the hill.


I was going to add that the old men are grumpy (not sure I blame them ) and the Irish girls are fantastically friendly - but wanted to avoid stereotyping.

But if I am a fitness freak ?? I would prefer super athlete.

Using ones own energy to transport oneself must be seen as an extreme activity.  After all, isn't the walk from the front door to the car sufficient exercise

Probably the same thinking that resulted in a massive detour at Marsh Street Arncliffe.

It's not 'normal' commuting behaviour, so who cares if a commuter cyclist has to wait. Similar to the Qantas Drive lights too.

Yet if you made a car driver divert for 10 minutes extra each day for months on end there would be no end to the matter.

In fact aren't we wasting billions of dollars, severing communities and uprooting people's lives in the inner west just to make some Marginal (and temporary) reductions in motor vehicle travel times?
Ok, so maybe not just us affected in this case:

The loss of the bus lanes through there is going to make it harder again for Anzac Pde cycle commuters though...


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