Around Australia Unsupported Cycling Record Attempt

According to Pete Heal, the current Around-Australia-Unsupported-Cycling-Recordholder, "on Friday 22 March 2013 [yes, on National Ride-to-School Day] at 0800, Ronny Andreasen from Denmark sets off from the Bell Tower, Perth, to attempt to better the Solo Unsupported Around Australia cycling record."

His bike sports some flight-deck but its rider seems to eschew use of a bizarrely-misshapen saddle

"The current record for the 14,900km journey is 48d 23h 19m. Ronny only has to beat it by an hour.
He is going the full media route and has a website and facebook page, lots of sponsorship and fund raising, etc.

"My estimations put him at the following locations on certain dates. He may do better.
22/03/2013 Day 1 Perth
27/03/2013 Day 8 Border Village
31/03/2013 Day 13 Adelaide
03/04/2013 Day 17 Melbourne
08/04/2013 Day 23 Brisbane
12/04/2013 Day 29 Cairns
18/04/2013 Day 37 Katherine
21/04/2013 Day 41 Broome (nearby)
26/04/2013 Day 48 Perth"

EDIT: These dates don't compute. See a revised schedule in comments.

Thanks, Poit, but no estimate for Sydney? I guess we'll have to keep our eyes peeled. Man, he'll be going if he can ride from Melbourne to Brisbane in six days!

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Aw gee Neil I thought you were announcing your attempt on the record.

No, but I would be willing to help you plan yours.

I think you both may need that tropical fruit rider bloke on board, anyway to get the pledges for Mr Oh rolling in, I offer up one of the two things I have been squirreling away to fund my retirement....

Not so sure I really get the point of these records.

Even to loop oz = a bike wizard.

I was looking for the current record, is it by the same guy?  I recall that the record is by a Danish guy, who broke Eugene's record and for which Eugene gave him a sizable prize, which was donated to charity

There are two records, one for a supported ride, one for riding unsupported.

This is the unsupported record attempt, currently held by Peter (Poit) Heal. I think Poit eclipsed the unsupported record set by Denmark's Erik Straarup [Select "doc file with various Australian records", scroll to "Around Australia" near bottom of list].

Eugene Schilter (Aus) was the previous record holder.

Then there's the supported record. Some bloke's busy taking a tilt at that right now:

Had dinner with Eugene, so I pointed him to the thread

I wish the guy good luck in this endeavour, but I hope he is using a recumbent and not that thing pictured.

Doesn't have enough of a beard for a recumbent.

Poit has sent an adjusted schedule.

"Correct dates would be something like this:
22/03/2013 Day 1 Perth
30/03/2013 Day 8 Border Village
04/04/2013 Day 13 Adelaide
08/04/2013 Day 17 Melbourne
14/04/2013 Day 23 Brisbane
20/04/2013 Day 29 Cairns
27/04/2013 Day 37 Katherine
3/5/2013 Day 41 Broome (nearby)
8/5/2013 Day 48 Perth"

Again, to avoid a headache, I haven't vetted them.


How did he go?


(Attempt apparently abandoned.) :-(


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