Hi cycle people, I'm on a Citizens Panel to make recommendations on the future of the clubhouse of the former Artarmon Bowling Club, next to the bike path through Artarmon Reserve. At our next meeting this MONDAY 18/9 (sorry for late notice) we'll be talking about recommended uses and I'd like to propose some sort of "bike  and walking hub" use, given that it is at the hub of cycleroute networks eg have access there to water, air and bike repair stuff, maps and reading matter, be able to have small events there like talks, meetings, slide nights, be able to enjoy a coffee etc. Any thoughts? Any examples that people can suggest to me? The Bowling Club sold the site cheaply to council to be a dedicated recreation area. The grounds are proposed to be re-landscaped with community gardens, play and picnic spaces etc with access from the bike path. The panel has decided that uses of the building should be low impact, compatible with multiple uses by different groups and financially sustainable. The actual uses are still up for discussion. Thanks in advance. Alethea Morison

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Is it a Council meeting on Monday or an APA meeting? I like your ideas, being able to use the site for some cycling related matters would be good.

It's neither. It's No 3 of 4 meetings of a 15-member Citizen Panel that Council set up specifically to recommend on the fate of the clubhouse. They invited public submissions on the whole bowling club site a few months back and the community opposed their original proposal, which was to demolish the old clubhouse. So they've got a panel representing local residents, local progress associations (Artarmon and South Willoughby), young people, elderly people and people with disabilities discussing what will happen with it. We've agreed so far the uses recommended for the site should allow for multiple, complementary uses by different groups and they should be low impact, given that we don't want to generate traffic or noise in that location.

Have a look at Rhodes Connection - a Council run community centre/hub which just this weekend hosted a bicycle shindig.

The Connection has lots of different drop in activities, story time (Chinese/Korean), robotics, 3D printing, study areas, martial arts etc... list endless. 

I've dropped in a few times and been super impressed with the way lots of people are using a space in different ways and all seem very happy. Maybe check it out or look up their Instagram/Facebook.


Thanks James! It looks like a bigger deal than our humble little bowling club but definitely something we can draw ideas and inspiration from.


The Camperdown Bowling Club has been converted to a cafe/restaurant with vegetable gardens, play areas etc, with a small takeaway coffee kiosk out the front. I think there is an art gallery attached. Very popular, and a lot come on foot, although there is plenty of on street parking nearby. Probably higher density in Camperdown than Artarmon, and closer, which might be a determiner in how many people likely to use such a centre.

Thanks Bob. Yes I'd heard about the Camperdown club and we'd love to have something similar in Artarmon, including the community gardens, but on a more modest scale.


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