How do you handle it when you're a passenger and the driver is driving dangerously?


I bring this up because I've recently taken two taxi rides and the drivers were driving like idiots, cutting in, accelerating unnecessarily, driving to fast etc.


In the long past I've told a taxi driver to stop and let us out because he was driving like a mad man, I paid up and got out and he did a burn out leaving. My girlfriend was bit pissed off at me, with it being the middle of the winter, night and nowhere. So that didn't work out so well and I've never had the guts/stupidity to do it since then and I'd prefer to hear other peoples approaches that have worked, so I can copy!


This obviously applies to all drivers including taxi, bus, friends etc.

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My wife's cousin fancies himself as a bit of a Fangio type.  I go out of my way to never get in a car when he's driving.  I'd previously had words with him on a couple of occasions to no avail: he honestly didn't see what the problem was.

A related question:


what can you do as pax when your airline is behaving badly?

I'm thinking of incremental delays to avoid coughing up hotel/meal for what is in fact a long wait.


Had that happen for 32 hours once, they had my bags. With hindsight would have been better off abandoning bags and heading for a hotel at my expense, to be reunited with bags l8r. In those days they didn't have to offload bags belonging to a fail-to-board tho, so they could have gone on some plane some time without me.


The other problem I have in mind is being allocated a spot next to a 2-seater, or given a faulty seat. In either case with re-seating refused.

British airways expected me to put up with a busted seat LHR-BKK


The headrest was jiggered, which sounds trivial except the remains were half way up my back.

Claimed they had no 'engineer' available to repair it = not prepared to delay to fix or reseat.


Next time I shall try to walk off I reckon. Hope you are right and the legal pozzy entitles me to a new booking. At least the delay in recovering my bag will cause them pain.

Before you walk off, do a quick loop through business and first, and see if you can use the line "I've found a spare seat here - what do you want to do? I can sit down and we take off now, or you can ferret around finding my bags, put me up in a hotel, rebook me tomorrow, and compensate me as well. Your choice...".

Is anyone else amused by the way that this thread -which wasn't cycling-related to start with- has drifted even further away as it has progressed?!! 

You sound surprised?

Might as well chuck in the H-word for good measure at this point.... :)

I was going to say something on the tweed ride thread about tHat but held back as I was probably just being antagonistic.


You're not the only one.


On Sue Abbott's "Punk Commute" ride (see her blog here) there were two police cars and two cops on bikes escorting the ride and none of the 20-odd riders were fined for not wearing a helmet. On the Tweed ride there were over 350 riders, not much more police presence, but a lot of ruined effect as tweed and helmets are definitely not a look.


To their credit many riders had gone to some trouble to find more suitable looking "retro" helmets or decorate the usual ones, but strictly speaking this is illegal. And all for a very slow ride early on a Sunday morning through the essentially deserted city, on cycle paths for the most part. If no-one had come wearing a helmet would the police really have booked that many given they didn't bother for the 20?

I put it that if antagonism is a bit strong, at least annoyance is appropriate.

I take umbrage at it not being cycling. It is a cyclist "view" point of bad driving and what you can do about it as a passenger - i'd like to think that someone on a bus last Friday on Parramatta rd would of said something to the driver as it was sitting a few feet behind me @ > 30 km/h, or the passenger in a cab where the driver saw me and still pulled out, nearly hitting me on Alfred st a few weeks would of said something

I just want to know what's worked for others who have been passengers with drivers who are driving dangerously. And I'm hoping others will read this and actually say something to a driver who is driving dangerously (especially  around cyclists!).


+1 to the air plane seating :D


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