Ahem. I am on the cusp of entering the Audax Alpine Classic 200km for the third time.

I should point out at this juncture that I have never, in fact, completed or even competed in this venerable event. On both previous occasions, I paid my money, and then for a variety of reasons, some falling squarely in the "didn't HTFU" basket, I was absent at the start line.

Still, those Audaxers must love me. All cash and no carry-on.

So, should I enter again this year? Should I perhaps even throw tradition to the winds, and take part?

And more's to the point ... anyone else in?

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I'm not in this year, but will be in 2013, just in case you fail to get to the starting line again and need some motivation for a fourth attempt ;)

The Audax Classic and the ACE have been on my ride wish list for a while now. But I believe my wife has booked us for a repeat of last Australia Day's celebration - cruising around the harbour on a hired yacht, listening to JJJ, before "singing" along to John Farnham under the anonymity of darkness with a bit of help from the Coopers family.

Yes you should do it.  Best ride ever, Bright is a great place to spend a week before the ride, try out the climbs or ride the rail trail.  Plenty of things to do and a great atmosphere.


Did the 200km ride this year and am doing the ACE 250 in 2012 and looking forward to it.


Dulwich Hill BC usually has a good contingent there and last time we had 14 riders and more than the same family and friends scattered around.  



Michael why not raise the bar of your ambition and enter a 250km or more event , distance & difficulty does not really matter if you are not actually turning up or lower the bar a little and enter something like John H's http://www.sydneycyclist.com/events/westlink-m7-freedom-wheels-ride... , pay lots of money and even turn up too?
If you do I will too, the Freedom Wheels that is as I don't have a hope of the other unless it was held over a few weekends. A while ago (and a certain NA will complain again about Sydney Runists) I did a quite respectable time over the OxFam 100km trailwalker course by doing subsections over a few weekends, some would frown at this but I was very happy.


Michael why not raise the bar of your ambition and enter a 250km or more event , distance & difficulty does not really matter if you are not actually turning up


Very wise words! Hell I can enter any race I like!

But you have to qualify for the 250.

Qualifying rides include the Fitzy 200km, which sounds like an epic in itself.

Or a big Audax ride, I think.

Like Rob Berry, I might aim for the 2013.

This probably won't encourage you to go but I'll be there, although I am not going to ride it on the day.

It usually books out fairly quickly -- both the ride and accommodation in the town -- so you should make a decision soon.

You going to do it the day before and claim yellow?
Well come on then Kylie K.

Its on 29 Jan, but if you're going you really need to book accomodation soon. I camped last year as there was no-where else to go. I can second Eleiri (EMT) comments about the worthiness of this ride. I did theACE250 last year and consider it the best ride I've ever done.

The Three Peaks ride is essentially the same as the ACE 250 althought they have different starting points. There's a Rapha video (yes murketering) which has some of the scenery you'll enjoy on it.

Rapha Rides the Victorian Alps from RAPHA on Vimeo.


Michael O, could I suggest doing the 140km Buffalo/Falls creek first then working your way up to the 200km. Or you can do the Alpine Raid 250 over two days (first day Bright to Omeo via Hotham, 2nd Day Omeo to Bright via Falls Creek). I had a friend do the Raid this year and he had great time.

What no Brompton cat up on the www yet?

I did think about for a second.


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