Ahem. I am on the cusp of entering the Audax Alpine Classic 200km for the third time.

I should point out at this juncture that I have never, in fact, completed or even competed in this venerable event. On both previous occasions, I paid my money, and then for a variety of reasons, some falling squarely in the "didn't HTFU" basket, I was absent at the start line.

Still, those Audaxers must love me. All cash and no carry-on.

So, should I enter again this year? Should I perhaps even throw tradition to the winds, and take part?

And more's to the point ... anyone else in?

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The Alpine Classic was a great event, yet again.  It's well organised, in a beautiful place - and has the hardest climbs you can imagine.  I did the Alpine Classic Extreme for the first time - a rather lengthy ride report is here http://www.dhbc.org.au/forum/viewtopic.php?p=39445#p39445 

But more importantly, I got to meet Neil, Madame Bike, Msr Bike, Michael and Matt in person.  :) 

Great report EMT and terrific ride. You make a very hard ride sound somewhat less hard. I love it that you were planning on finishing by 7pm and got in at 6.59. Classic.

Thanks!  It seems to be less hard as the days progress too :) 

Great story, Eleri, and a really gutsy ride.

So. Any other participants going to post war stories or accounts of their day?

Kylie has been very quiet, as has MB. What was your first experience of these infamous and occasionally dreaded climbs?

How did you feel at the end, Mr O'? Worse than you said you felt as we rode up the back of Tawonga Gap or much better, having finally stopped at the finish line?

Are you all coming back for more?

At the risk of being accused of big-noting myself, let me say I have just worked out that this year's was my 15th successful AAC 200km ride (out of 15 starts). So that's 3000km up and down those mountains in the event alone since my first attempt in 1989.

Damn, I feel old...

Audax weekend was a lot of fun, and nice to meet several SydCycs there, including Neil A, the famous Kylie and EMT.

Matt and I were saved from tenting it by the wonderful Madame Bike and her hubby (M. Bike?) who had a spare room going in their motel-style apartment.

Sadly, my stated intentions for the ride ("I'd like to finish well") were not achieved, possibly because of my usual inability to rein myself in on the early stages, but probably because I'm not a natural climber and it was hot as Hades on the last flip up Mount Buffalo.

A more general account of the day is available here:


(BM warning!)

It's a well-organised event, and with even the 70km being a 1000m climb, there's a challenge for everyone. I'd highly recommend anyone to give one of the distances a go.

And yes, I am already making plans for next year!

Good story. Next year take some pictures.

Good to meet you Michael!  Somehow I had this impression you didn't finish after our chat outside the brewery but quite possible my comprehension was sub-normal :)   

And nice story at SMH, conveys the struggle of the Alpine Classic quite well.  My mistake last year was winding down just a little too long at the Bright lunch stop as well.  

You might have got that impression from Neil. Half way up Tawonga Gap, just for a bit of fun, I told him I was going to abandon in Bright.
I don't think the lunch stop was a mistake for me, I rather enjoyed the break!

I think we are all pleased with our efforts - except the perfectionist Mnsr B who only completed 170km of the 200km he attempted due to the heat (and, I might add, because his training was underwhelming).  Not to be twice-bitten, he now has been training 4 mornings per week like a man possessed.

Anyway, needless to say we had a great time and it was good meeting up with all the SC'ers (except for Kylie, in my case, whose path didn't cross mine unfortunately).  Glad your mammoth effort worked out too EMT - great job!

See you back there next year - we have booked already.  :-)

One more SC'er next year. My missus has booked accommodation for next year for three - one rider (me), one support crew (the missus), one hanger-on (Georgie, Big G, the one on the right in the photo below).

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