Hi everyone,

Is anyone in here doing the 'Audax Alpine Classic' on Jan 27?



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Yes.  I'm doing the ACE 250 for the 2nd time.  Going down with a bunch of mates.

doing the ACE 250 for the 2nd time


Yep!  And why not?

Yeah - you're my role model Eleri - but it might be another couple of years before I do my first 250.  

This year I did the 70km and got bored waiting at the finish line for Mnsr B, Neil, Mr O' and MattC who were attempting the 200.  Mnsr B and MattC DNF the 200 so the former, at least, will be making a more experienced attempt in 2013.  I gather MattC has some minor distraction like a wedding or something going on so he may not make it this time.

I will graduate to the 130km in 2013 on my slow and steady training regime towards the 250 in 2016.

Having learnt from 2012, do not do so much carbo-loading on the day prior - I will follow the more successful lead of Eleri, Neil and Mr O' who trained harder and ate less. :-)

Aaww thanks!  You can do it!  A surprising number of women older than us did the ACE last year.  

I don't know about eat less the day before tho.  I think I ate a whole (big) packet of breakfast cereal plus everything else I could find!   Any excuse to eat cereal at every meal :-)

I'm looking for a group to join... is it possible to tag along?

...or do you know of others I could join?  I'm also doing the ACE 250.

(this will be my 1st time)

When you say "group" Aaron, do you mean you want to do drafting or do you just want someone to be watching out for you and chatting when you stop, etc?

Not that I am doing the 250 anyway, but I think you won't feel lonely at all as there is a lot of camaradery between everyone who is suffering through the heat and the ascents, but it depends what you want.

If you are going down a few days earlier, you could probably meet people on the roads training or in cafes around Bright and start talking to people who look like they ride at your speed.  Boxhead is making his debut this year too - but I can't remember if he's doing the 250 or the 200.

As Neil said, you can meet us for coffee and a chat on the Saturday afternoon if you want to and put faces and real names to avatars.  :-)

Well I'm new to this... so wanted to meet up with other riders doing the same thing...

maybe I could meet a few people at the coffee shop... as you mention.  I kinda signed up to this not

knowing too many riders... but will probably meet a lot of people there as you mention.  If you guys

decide on a coffee shop... do let me know... would be nice to meet people doing the same event.




Aaron  If you haven't already, I can strongly recommend the 4am start - you get the first climb out of the way in the cool (and dark) and hit the top of Hotham at sunrise.  Truly magic.  Sure you have to get up early ...  but it really is worth it. 

Put compacts on - you'll appreciate them up the Back o' Falls.   A truly hard climb and you'll hit it when the day has properly warmed up.  There's a reason why the first bit of this climb is called WTF Hill.  And why some people had thongs in their back pocket. 

See you in Bright.

I'm new to this

Well, Aaron, with initials AC, it sounds like you were destined  for it!

If your middle initial is A, you can't fail.

But I would do some training anyway, if I were you... ;-)

And here was I thinking that if your initials were AC you went oscillating around the course (depending on how much it Hertz), as opposed to your siblings Duncan, Deborah and Daniel who all ride in the one direction.

Who won't be going would be a shorter list! ;-)

The traditional annual SC Bright get-together, inaugurated 2012, will be on again. Watch this space.


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