We drove to Mc Donalds for Breakfast Pancakes I drove My Bike Lobo 53 and Maria drove Blue Lady

Quite streets in my sleepy suburb . No cars no people it was 8.30am but everyone was sleeping to tired and ready for Australia Day. 

Today we will swim have a BBQ for lunch  and finish the night watching fireworks Australia does not get much better what will you be doing .

What  adventures will you have today on ya bike or just out there.

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Kit all laid out, bike lubed, new cables, meeting the group at 6:30am. And then the kid wakes at 1am for a nappy change. Then again at 2am. And again at 5am. Leave pass revoked, will have to try again tomorrow.

I know that only too well TC. Our plan was to go for a family bike ride today with a picnic lunch. Wife woke up sick though. Kind a killed the ride, especially when she's the one that carries the lunch!

I had a nice easy bike ride around the streets of Liverpool with the LiverpoolBUG. I found out a few facts that I didn't know about the area and it's history thanks to Matt, who lead the Historical Ride today. Eleven of us enjoyed the ride with a few visiting riders from other suburbs in Sydney. The rain stayed up in the clouds with only a few sprinkles falling on us towards the end of the ride.

I would have loved to go on this ride History great subject ,  I  have had Asthma the last 4 days so took I quite ride option instead. Will be back soon into some longer rides the beast is going with a regular spray.

I took the chance to head up the blue mountains for some trail time around Lawson then down the oaks. 650am train was packed to capacity at Glenbrook, would be nice if they could schedule a carriage empty of seats for bike on days like this, there was almost no one in the normal seats and 5 buys and their bikes in the vestibule areas.

Apart from that a nice day on the trails. no one in Lawson as usual, and by the time I got to the oaks the crowd was gone, so nice and peaceful day out


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