Hi everyone,

Today we announced to our members and supporters that the Australian Cyclists Party has chosen to de-register at the federal level in support of the new party being developed, Reason (reason.org.au).  Reason is taking on our values and policies and provides us with an opportunity to create a more effective, main stream voice for change.

Discussions on integration with Reason at state and local levels are ongoing.

The rest of the announcement can be found here:  https://australian-cyclists-party.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/09...

This is not the end, but a new beginning at a time of crisis in politics and the need for sensible voices to take back the debate on key issues.  Going at it alone after the recent changes in voting legislation and the rising cost of running campaigns contributed to our decision.

I am happy to try to answer any questions in the forum.

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The biggest problem about Libs vs Labour is the whole sporting club mentality/effect that blurs the progress of the country and locks everyone down in stupidity instead of what is better for the people.

The reason website is very raw still, it seems to be gearing off track history of the 2 spokespersons

Will keep monitoring

Cyclists Party was well worth doing at the time and I want to thank Omar and many other people who put a lot of effort into it. But in the same way that we highlight the insanity of continuing to build motorways in the expectation that "this time" they will succeed where they have failed for the last 70 years it would be unreasonable to continue with a Cyclists Party in the face of now a few State & a Federal election where we managed a percent or a little more. As Omar says the Federal arena is an important one for cyclists, of course remembering it was a Federal (and in fact Labor) Government that initiated MHL in the early 1990s and enthusiastically taken up by State (including Labor) Governments.

I put a small amount of time and money into it but nothing compared to some so it is right that they make the decision to try another direction. Given the appalling representation cyclists get from their advocacy bodies I would have liked the Cyclists Party to move into more advocacy like the Campaign for London but understand the difficulty in doing that in the context of a political party and perhaps the understandable reality of declining membership and effectiveness of cycling organisations in Australia.

Reason does not excite me though, I read the stuff and did not get excited at all. IMO the only current politician who is worth feeding is Clover Moore, it's a pity she does not have a Federal & State level organisation, almost all the others are unbelievably bad and not what I deserve at all.

So next Federal / State elections it's going to be a matter of voting for the least worst candidates/parties.

Good luck to Reason, it is certainly lacking from the political scene in recent decades.

Thanks Bill, we sincerely appreciated your generous support. 

There will never be a perfect party but we hope we can help Reason be a sensible voice across a breadth of issues.  What we know we can't stand is not doing anything about the current state of politics!  Hopefully, we will give you a reason to look at Reason again.

Sounds like a good decision Omar.  The Australian cycling population simply isn't big enough to get a representative in the upper house.  I wish you the best with future elections

Thanks Mike.  I'm not sure there are not enough of us but I am very aware that we are not a united community outside of advocacy areas such as this one.  Many more are passionate but not necessarily motivated to go that extra step to actually front up, write to government, or even join the ACP or pay dues.  Finding that ceiling is has been part of that journey and contributed to our resolve to find a way to go beyond.


case in point

Those were the descriptions given by the three competing independent tickets, which each won three seats on the North Sydney council at the September 9 election.

When the independents formally take up their seats next month, they will be joined by Liberal Democrat Samuel Gunning, who managed to win 19 per cent of the first-preference vote in his ward of Wollstonecraft without mounting a campaign

However, their candidacy baffled their competitors, who told Fairfax Media they did not sight any Liberal Democrat candidates on the hustings, and could not locate contact details for them to invite them to cross-candidate events.

"I tried to get in contact with them. They were totally invisible. No literature, no corflutes, zero information," said Jilly Gibson, who was re-elected mayor. "They were a ghost party."

Ian Mutton, who ran against Mr Gunning in the Wollstonecraft ward and was also elected, said he did not see a "a single solitary piece of paper put out by the Liberal Democrats".

"On the polling day, I visited all the polling booths and I saw no one representing or handing out for the Liberal Democrats.

"It is actually disturbing to me that a person can command a significant vote without declaring a policy position on any matter at all."

Independent Zoe Baker, also elected in the Woollstonecraft ward, described Mr Gunning as a "faceless" candidate who, along with the other Liberal Democrats "just did not campaign".

"Nobody saw them. They were missing in action."

Despite this, Mr Gunning scraped across the line on preferences to win the third and final seat in Wollstonecraft, narrowly beating Cr Gibson's running mate Tim Kelly in a situation she likened to "being beaten by a footy team who didn't show up for the game".

In a victory reminiscent of Senator Leyonhjelm's success at the 2013 federal ele... Mr Gunning benefited from having the coveted first spot on the ballot paper, known as "donkey vote" position.

He also acknowledged he probably benefited from the party's "Liberal" branding in a blue-ribbon area where the Liberal Party did not run endorsed candidates.


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