As seen in a SCA post on Facebook  leading to :

"After nearly five years and after contesting in both state and federal elections with over 50 candidates, the Australian Cyclists Party Committee has concluded that it is now time for us to wind-up our efforts.

Registered members may now choose to support and become a member of another political party - you do not need to communicate with us first. With so much still at stake, we urge you to stay involved!

We have appreciated the support of our membership that reached well over 2,000 and know through our many interactions that we had an impact through our efforts with other parties and organisations. We have been a voice when others feared to raise theirs. We have made new friends and links across Australia and also beyond. We learned a lot about policies and politics and the many issues that challenge our electoral system and affect those who do get involved.

Many of us will continue in personal or other advocacy roles and our popular ACP Facebook site will go on for now but will be re-branded soon."


A result of the senate reform? Naturally there's some fallout with Glenn Druery sticking his boot in.

After the dust and post analysis is settled, the main question is Where to from here? Politically that is

GE2019 should be just around, what tangible action can we do ? particularly with respect towards the 2 horse democracy system  that  isn't going to change (anytime soon)

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