There's a bunch of cyclists heading across WA on a course which will take them from Fremantle to Sydney Opera House via a circuitous route including some of the hardest climbs in the Australian Alps.

You can follow their progress here:

(Thanks to Mr O' for bringing this to my attention via Twitter.) 

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what and have another decade off coffee & muffins, the one I have is going to have to last me at least 25 years, maybe with a transition to a triple so I too can do those alpine ascents, make me great!, stuff trump

But Bill, think of your retirement! You'll have so much time on your hands you'll be riding every day. To do that with only a few bikes limits your whole appreciation of the different experiences each bike can give. To use a political term, "an aspirational goal" of at least one for each of your riding days will enhance your life, and anyay, living in retirement mode doesn't have the same competing demands on your wallet as work life so coffee and muffins don't become unobtainium. There are days when I ride a couple of mine because of their different characteristics. Someone's got to do it! 

And they'll be riding it too.

EDIT: They didn't. But Back o'Falls, AKA WTF Hill is worse. By far.

The QOM on Mt Wannahockaloogie is there for the taking !!!!!

Going past my house too in Crows Nest! Walking up the bridge steps will be a killer by that stage.

What incredibly interesting people are in this race :

"Juliana’s first book, Not Without My Sister, was written with her two sisters, Celeste Jones and Kristina Jones and published by Harpercollins in 2007.

The book details their lives growing up in the Children of God group. It was number 1 on the Sunday Times best-seller list for 5 weeks, and remained in the top 10 list for 15 consecutive weeks. It has been translated into ten languages including French, German, Greek, Portuguese, Czech, 
Estonian, Slovenian, Swedish, Italian and Dutch.

Her second book, This Road I Ride, published in 2016 by WWNorton in the US and Piaktus in the Commonwealth,
describes her record-breaking journey around the world by bicycle"

I also noticed a familiar name among the riders...

If I'm reading the chart correctly it appears that Paul Ardill is last (still running) at 690k and in the lead is Kristof Allegaert at 2,107k. So the leader has done 3 times the distance of last place

Mike Hall is at 2,077k so only 40k behind.  Its certainly looking like a 2 horse race with Adam Hunter 368k behind Mike but every day is more fatigue and more desire to sleep so things may change

Yes, but the ride is still young and when the front of the pell-oh-tonne / pack/  okay, strung  mob sight the eerie Eyre Highway Big Galah in Kimba they will be so awestruck that Paul could easily slip into the lead.

Anyway this lot are just crazy, I doubt that I would be able to drive that distance in WA and SA in that time frame. Wonder if at this point of the ride they are dreaming of red and green frogs or jelly snakes?

I think at least the first 2 need to be drug tested for no doze.  They seemed to of moved further forward yet again

Edit: I just noticed that Sarah is in 3rd place.  Amazing

Sarah is amazing.

fyi : Donncha Cuttriss, who was 3rd, retired 8 hours ago

Sarah Hammond is just amazing. She seems to look about as relaxed as Kristof "Cycleborg" Allegaert.


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