There's a bunch of cyclists heading across WA on a course which will take them from Fremantle to Sydney Opera House via a circuitous route including some of the hardest climbs in the Australian Alps.

You can follow their progress here:

(Thanks to Mr O' for bringing this to my attention via Twitter.) 

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They're going to roll right past my place

And mine. And Mr O''s. And probably lots of other SC members' homes on that crazy circuit into Sydney.

I'm also chuffed that they are using one of my favourite commuter short cuts, Cressy Rd in Ryde, though they aren't going the whole hog and descending Magdala Rd to use the narrow "pedestrian-only" (i.e. "cyclists dismount, yeah right") bridge over Lane Cove River to reach the Epping Rd cyclepath. I wonder why? ;-)

LOL, and they have to do Charles St -  I remember some good hammie cramps there - that hill has finished me off a few times coming back from various 100 - 200km rides .....

Too bad they miss out on Burns Bay Hill. Maybe we should ask for a re-route??

Why BB Hill when they can tackle a genuine Mountain?  


I didn't think of that!

Average 4%. 1 km. A mountain?

That's not a mountain. THIS is a mountain.

And they'll be riding it too.

Which of course reminds us that as well as not needing all those breaks that Neil takes Mrs Neil also has to carry all the luggage.

The other common factor of note is that one of the IP Wheelrace riders is Paul Ardill who I hold equally guilty (with Neil & Dabba) of my squandering  2 years of coffees (and muffins) to buy the Lynskey.

Paul was with me staffing the Lake Hume control for the 2013 Sydney-Melbourne 1200 and would point out to me as each rider came into the control how much lighter their bike was compared to my heavy steel tourer, then my Audax bike. Paul is something of an inspiration and one of the reasons I can still believe my best cycling is ahead of me. Paul is currently at 525 kms, not one of the leaders but did I mention Paul is 74.

following - what an inspiration he is indeed.

oh no Irena looks to have left the race leaving Paul to soldier on alone

Is that your heart rate Dabba?

Not quite.

Have you placed your order yet for one of the Lynskey's that they have on sale? I think that the sale seems to have been "finishing at 5pm today" for the last month or more. Must be building too many! You could help Donald Trump to "make America grate again" by getting another Lynskey! Just the thing to help with n + 1, and of course America has grated lots over the years, but probably not as much as now!


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