There's a bunch of cyclists heading across WA on a course which will take them from Fremantle to Sydney Opera House via a circuitous route including some of the hardest climbs in the Australian Alps.

You can follow their progress here:

(Thanks to Mr O' for bringing this to my attention via Twitter.) 

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>so Mike just steered right a bit into a lane to avoid it?

This whole incident is just bad and I don't like to speculate, but you didn't balance your conjecture with a less victim centric explanation - so could the driver have been texting or otherwise been distracted, could the driver have simply driven directly into the back of Mike through no fault of Mike's at all?

Umm, yes I guess that is what I am trying to say.

Even if he was just out for a ride and not across Aust could have been Mike, a normal commuter, the lady in front of me on the day or anyone.

"could the driver have simply driven directly into the back of Mike through no fault of Mike's at all?"

That's my question too! Why has there been so little told about what happened if that was actually the case? Is someone pulling strings to avoid prosecution, or are there other factors in play? The fact that the race organizers have said nothing is also an unusual thing, regardless of coroner's involvement or not.

Of course none of this will change the result of the collision, but it may change the attitudes of those in power to protect the vulnerable users better, so that we are less subjected to this type of harassment.

watched a video report by Bicycling Australia(?) on youtube directly after the crash. Hinted at driver fault and then said he couldn't say anything.

It's up to the Coroner. So we must wait for that decision I'm afraid.

Same applies to the killing of Henri Sueke in 2015. The Coroner for that tragedy still hasn't offered a decision.


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