There's a bunch of cyclists heading across WA on a course which will take them from Fremantle to Sydney Opera House via a circuitous route including some of the hardest climbs in the Australian Alps.

You can follow their progress here:

(Thanks to Mr O' for bringing this to my attention via Twitter.) 

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"the victim gets blamed again"

We can't overlook the possibility that the collision did occur as a result of something that Mike did. Fatigue can do some dreadful things! Regardless, it was a terrible tragedy, and I hope that it won't be repeated in successive IPWR's.

Dabba you are a very kind, understanding and forgiving person, I wish I was like you but my baser nature, educated by the stats that 80%+ of vehicle-bike "collisions" are the fault of the motorist, leads me to the conclusion that any motorist is guilty until proven innocent. Many things can happen but if you are "controlling" 2,000kgs of metal moving at 80-100kph you have a responsibility to slow and exercise extreme care around vulnerable road users, even if you lose 30 seconds of their valuable time, trucks even more.

I note your incident has some parallels with Sydney cyclist run off remote WA road has his day in court and that in both the truckee would have said, "I never touched him !"

Thanks for your effusive comments Bill. Like you, I also have misgivings on this case. However, as neither the race organisers nor anyone else is prepared to put forward a case on Mike's behalf, it does beg the question of his actions being a contributing factor. I hope that justice is both done, and seen to have been done. If it's a snow job, you can't do much unless someone is prepared to shovel it out of the way to get to some solid footing! 

And another

Seems like 2017 has been a bad year.

All quiet on the inquest since December. Further action was supposed to occur in February. Has anyone seen anything?

it was up for a directions hearing on May 1 CD80/17 for future reference


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