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Most people I come across seem to have their lights mounted to their handlebars.


btw nice post from the future, I notice you posted this at 11:07am and its currently 10:15am...

Why not both?

If commuting, I would suggest handlebars - gives a more consistent beam for oncoming traffic, whereas your head can wobble around, or if you're looking around not cast the beam forward for that car about to pull out of a side street on you. Being closer to the ground you're getting a stronger beam cast too. Conversely if they're on your helmet the beam will always be pointing where you're looking - particularly important if MTBing (at night), however on the road 99% of the time when handlebar mounted the beam will be pointing where you're looking, and also where you're about to ride.

The other advantage of handlebar mounting is they're generally easier to mount and see if something goes wrong, i.e. a cable comes detached, or to reposition the beam (directly in to the rear view mirror of that car that cut you off right before stopping at the red light...).

For Commuting?

Can be a real pest to other bike riders. Too many prats run them on high in built up areas and a times when only a small blinky is needed.

The SHB or the Pyrmont Bridge is not a National Park or a bit of single-track.

I'm such a trend setting early adopter my ayups only have High (a.k.a "On") and Off. Well, actually I imagine I am not that much of a trend setter, so there are probably quite a few people in the same position.


Just don't look at the light. I pass Paul most nights on the Epping Rd track and he has two sets of ayups on his bars. I avoid not getting dazzled by not looking at them. Same as I got taught to drive if someone is heading towards you with full beam on -> look towards the side of the road not at the lights and viola (yes this is the ISO Internet Standard Misspelling of Voila) no dazzle.

Handlebars IMHO - too many people with helmet mounted lights look at other riders resulting in a nice bright light straight in your face :(

My ebikes generally have built in lights on the handlebar or above the mud guard. The other day I nearly go hit from the side on a roundabout. The driver of the car said he didn't see my light. If I'd had one on my head it would have pointed right at him whilst I was watching my impending death, so I do see the value of helmet lights.


The other option if you have a high quality head light like a Joystick is to use a diffuser, which will spread the light out so it is noticeable from the side and not just head on.


Agreed many bright headlights are overkill for city use. some are brighter than car headlights these days!

No definitely left. I was going straight on and he was supposed to be giving way to me. I was not yet in front of his headlights when he entered the roundabout and my light was focused ahead of his car. All I could do was shout as loud as I could and keep going. Luckily he heard/saw me!


But yes, if he had looked properly, there is no reason why he wouldn't have seen me.


I almost got taken out like this twice. Best tactic is to assume you havent been seen, I cross a roundabout at a snails pace now and I make sure I have eye contact with the person who is supposed to be giving way to me. Yes it takes me 10 seconds longer to get home, better than not getting home at all.

Jamie, I see you mentioned "day" but...

next time you are in the market for tyres, try and find brands with reflective material on the sidewalls.

These really do "glow" with even a small amount of light.



What everyone else said and also... if you do a head check and your only light is a helmet light you may well disappear as far as anything observing you from the front is concerned.

My preference is helmet mount. 

Firstly because there's no possibility of forgetting to take them off the bike when I chain it up. We know what happens to stuff left on the bike in this city, and Ayups are expensive.

Secondly, is the ability to "light up" a clueless driver who is about to come out of a sidestreet without giving way. Also fantastic at roundabouts. It illuminates the entire cockpit of their car. I'm sure one guy I did this to thought he was about to be beamed up by a UFO.

Be aware that there is a requirement that "vehicles" head lights do not point too high. It's in the traffic laws somewhere. Basically, the main section of the beam must be no more than 8 metres ahead of you.


If some cop with a prejudice decides to pick on you, then a light mounted on your head could be a problem if it's aimed the wrong way.


I run stupid bright lights on the bars for commuting. A set of Radical Lights Podda. Make it brighter or dimmer as the circumstance require. Very expensive, but I'm very visible as a result - so I don't mind paying for these.




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