Bait bike programs. Should we try them in Australia?

In the US the cops are baiting bike thieves with a lot of success. Should we give it a try?

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Definitely - I've always thought it ridiculous that I hardly worry about leaving a $10,000 car at the train station, but I wouldn't dare do the same thing with a bike worth a tenth as much. 

Bike theft is hardly a problem in Australia compare to overseas.  Bike theft rates here are lower than in most countries.  Go to Paris, Amsterdam or NY and you get professional bike thieves. Sure if you ride a 5 or 10 grand bike there is reason to worry.  But it makes little sense to use such bikes as commuters.

That said bicycle vandalism is likely worse here.  People mostly respect other peoples cars on the street but the hate for cyclists means that lone bicycles parked on the street can attract vandalism.

All that said I park my bike on the street everyday without concern for theft or vandalism.

I've always parked a bike on the street in Sydney and have never had anything stolen. I have always used a d-lock but only recently got a 'good' one. The last d-lock seized up while locked to my rack and it only took about a second to get it off with the right tool.

In Paris, Amsterdam and New York there is a large second hand market for bikes and you need large kryptonite chains and a d-lock as well as a secure overnight location. SYdney doesn't have a great 2nd hand bike market and I think a minimal number of 'specialist' bike thieves.

Caravan park in umina has a professional thief. Waits for windy nights when there is a bit of noise about. Friend had kids Christmas present stolen a few years back. Cops said they knew who it was but can't prove it (go figure). Consider these two bikes for sale by same person ... Why would anyone buy two bikes that are pretty much identical in function ? Maybe just a coincidence ...

Are you saying the police don't take our problems seriously enough in NSW?

Yes. But to make catching the thieves faster just cover the limited edition S-Works MacLaren diamond encrusted venge with sharp shooters.

"He was on the ground before we heard the shot - snipers got talent" - Saving Private Ryan

Seriously though there are problems with baiting people for any crime so maybe not. BUT where do all the stolen bikes go? I had an Ultegra Roadie thieved and I stalked all the online sales even followed some unsuspecting riders to get closer looks at their bikes but nothing. My best guess is they sell the parts or change out parts with other stolen bikes.

Maybe a proper national serial number register so you can REV's check a bike before purchase? Data dots on all bikes... it would help cycling take off if you did not need a $100 lock just to ride to the local shops.



BUT where do all the stolen bikes go?


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