One of the outcomes of the take-over of Chain Reaction Cycles by Wiggle is that they've moved their financial operations from Ireland to Britain. I just noticed my last purchase from CRC in AUD using a VISA card attracted a 3.4% international transaction fee. Prior to the take-over, I'd previously been buying from them for years without a fee.

Anyone purchased recently from CRC and had the same issue?

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Not a recent change, it depends on your credit card provider. I've been stung even on AUD transactions.

Get a 28degrees card for all overseas purchases.

FYI : Incidentally, I found 2 CRC transactions in AUD of Feb 2016 which attracted the ~3% charges

Some sites that end with can attract forex charge which really, really irritates me

I pretty much try to do all online purchases with a 28degrees card and in the foreign currency

At some point in time orders from incurred a forex exchange fee.

The prices appear in AUD when you shop but the transaction is really in GBP - some cards charge to convert, but it is not anything like 3%.



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