Barangaroo opening day on 22 August accord to SMH today.

Looking forward to riding along the foreshore path again, once it is opened. I hope it isn't too congested, but how to get there?

Connections to Barangaroo for bicycle riders (commuters and visitors) are outlined in the Barangaroo Authority Transport Plan on p 24, link below. Basically Kent St (existing bike path), a bike lane or path on Napoleoon St (proposed only, caveats about affecting motor traffic at the intersection) and shared use on the new Wynyard Walkway bridge over Sussex (proposed only). Also they may extend the bicycle lane or path on Hickson Rd to Cicular Quay. Nothing to connect directly from Pyrmont Bridge down to Barangaroo that I can see.

A lot of "mays" and "possibles", and left up to CoS to do. As usual, bike connections are well down the implementation priority list, despite stated mode share targets of 4% for bicycle commuting by 2024 (

Still, it will be a new cycling destination and could stir the authorities into action by sheer weight of numbers.

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This just highlights a much larger issue in our society.

Politicians, developers and economists are all complete and utter snobbish selfish morons.

Some of you may remember how Bungaribee (nee Bunya) development was found to be a hall of corruption. A large donation made by building and concrete companies, including CSL, to the NSW government, followed by random release of land, which was public park land, where people could only build with certain bricks, tiles and concrete... mmm...

There way to deal with the ensuing public outrage was to hold the public consultation for it at 8pm on Christmas Eve in 2008.

What they could have done, is actually build all the infrastructure originally promised - including an extensive cycle path network, and built it as one of the first things they did.

It's nothing to do with cycling priorities being own the list, it's got everything to do with screwing every single human being in this country

Barangaroo is the exact same situation.


Well yes, I don't think we got to vote for a casino did we?

Why put it to a vote? Everyone can see that one waterfront casino on Sydney Harbour isn't enough. We need another one, and better make it tall as anything.
</dark sarcasm>

The Star is looking a little tatty and oddly like a stand at Randwick compared to the massive building wall now going up opposite, so what's the betting a new Star is on the way?

I think they should just fill in Darling Harbour and build over it. Plenty of nicer harbour elsewhere.

Depends on where you come from.

If from over the Harbour bridge, go straight down Argyle place & Dalgety Road.

If from Pyrmont bridge (west), go down Sussex st & Hickson st.

Hickson has a bike lane on the wrong side of the parked cars. Hopefully this will be fixed.

Commuters going to Pyrmont bridge will head down Sussex st. Unless they put a bike lane on Sussex, this is going to cause problems.

Bicycle lanes behind parked cars are not a solution to bicycle lanes.  Removing the parked cars from the roadway area is a much safer solution (which could be achieved on hickson by rearranging where the parking is, and where it isn't. 

As far as barangaroo and Sussex goes, nothing to worry about, the thing is -not-going-to-work-.  If they build up 5000 people wanting to drive cars to barangaroo during peak hour, some of those people are going to park their car 5 hours after they joined the back of the queue.  They'll rename Sussex to Stationary street and we'll be able to overtake the cars walking.

Inevitably when the state gubmint gets packer out of the hole he is digging by giving him his own personal railway station for his own personal development, that will be the method of choice for getting there during peak hour.

Feel free to enjoy your tax payer dollars at work, making the Packers money.

"I don't know anybody that doesn't minimise their tax," Mr Kerry Packer growled as he stirred his delicate parliamentary china cup of tea with a teaspoon. "I'm not evading tax in any way shape or form. Of course I'm minimising my tax. If anybody in this country doesn't minimise their tax they want their head read. As a government I can tell you you're not spending it that well that we should be paying extra."

It looks like they are building a Cycleway on Sussex St between Napoleon St and the Sussex Hotel (cycleway terminates on the shared / foot path in front of the Sussex Hotel)

A ramp down off the PB /King St path to the lower road network would be nice.

Not usually a lot of pedestrians on Sussex between King and Erskine, west side, so could install a separated bike path or at least formalise the de facto shared path.

Have sometimes used the escalator on PB to get down to the lower level and snuck around the back of the Aquarium. It's rather messy with random obstacles and delivery bays etc but could be tidied for safer use by bikes, maybe anyway.

Just don't use Dalgety on the way up, cause they've stuffed up the bike lane royally. Making bikes hug the curve while cars can stay out wide and straight and can still take the corner fast. I got hit on the corner below and have raised it with the council but we still got something designed by a pigs arse.

I've only ridden up the new marked lane twice and below is the second time;

Maybe a raised bike / pedestrian section would help on that corner forcing the car to slow down and give way (?)

Send a copy of that vid to the council. That layout is setting up cyclists for an epic, lefthook fail


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