Barry's Big Idea for Transport


In summary:

Widening M5 West to 6 lanes from the current four

Does not incorporate M5 East tunnel Duplication, part of a separate package "which may also occur under a coalition government" (My emphasis added to may)

Tolls to remain in place until 2027 instead of 2023 (planned revert date to public control).

Indicated that this will not be in place of the SW rail link but done in conjunction with it and a fast tracking of NW rail link.


So we will deal with Motor Vehicle congestion out of the SW by adding capacity to carry more Motor Vehicles and making it easier to periodically park your car at scenic points along the M5 west, M5 East and M5 east tunnel.

That should fix congestion, sadly it is probably more than enough for the SW voters to abandon traditional Red L ties and Vote Blue L.


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It's almost like the political parties have no concept of traffic planning: don't they know that increasing supply of roads just increases the demand for those roads?  They're talking about the road expansions as being a long-term solution, but I reckon they'll be almost at capacity again before they're even completed.  

Stupid, stupid people.  Bugger the roads, put in more rail.  And bike paths: even LA knows what's up in that regard.

Amen Brother.


right on bro'z 

Add a couple more than that and you'll get there before you've even left! :D

M5 Tardis?


Im your person for that job!


You aint seen nothing yet folks......times like this I am reminded of something Albert Einstein said, "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

In less than 17 days we will have more half-wits running the show unless.......

The definition of insanity is doing something the same way over and over again and expecting a different result.
Unless?  Unless what?  UNLESS WHAT?
Unless you vote green
Oh right.  I'm doing that anyway, but as I live in the strongest liberal seat in the country, it'll have all the effects of pissing on a bushfire.


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