I'm not sure if anyone posted this yesterday, but it's worth a look. Our premier's entry in the "I also ride a bike" stakes ....


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Folks wo cycle in CoS (it applies elsewhere too but this is the best NSW example because it is the most activist council as regards cycling) know that the local and state governments are at cross purposes. This seems fundamentally stupid. Imagine having one government building separated paths in a city and having a different (and combative) government controlling traffic signals.

We need BoF to take one ride from Harris St to SHB on the path so he can see how stupid the light sequences are.

Not one ride but do it everywhere on bike but he`s a scaredy cat.

Tell him to stop using the taxpayers funded money on his belching limousine *cough cough,hack hack* rides.

BoF needs to ditch the car for a week, and jump on a bike

Yes Kylie, I remember that one - I think it was Wendy Hargreaves.  See here and here..............?

He's a bit hard of heart towards anything his butt can't fit on. 

Still I wonder why politicians in this day and age are still luddites about cycling. 

The last Premier seemed to “get” the whole bike riding thing.

He must have crap advisers.

Barry may have had a bad biking experience back in the old beard days

Maybe it was a baa'd biking experience? Perhaps he ran into a lamb rather than a noddy.


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