Canada Bay Council has released its plan for the last bit of the Bay Run from Thompson St to the Iron Cove Bridge. Can make submissions. They have extended the path around all the way on the water side of the road and made the roadway a 40 K limit from Thompson to Formosa. Parking is retained on the north side of the road. Top car park entry is closed, so they can take down the Dismount sign now on the ramp, with a new In/Out next to the club, which may be the main conflict zone, as vehicles will be crossing the path. Also, the path goes right past the front door to the club. I think I will ask they continue the 40 K right the way along HM Drive, as not much between cyclists and traffic except a kerb.

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I agree about extending the 40.


Not just the hazard you mentioned, but with so many people using it a collision and spill off the paths on to the road is likely. Additionally a lower limit, 30 really, would make it attractive for experienced cyclists to use the road, leaving the path for the gumby punters and children on balance bikes.

I agree, hope everyone puts in a submission. Thereis a meeting on Saturday in Lyons Rd at Marlborough St. 11am.

Just read some fine print. The project will only be from Thompson St to South St this year. The final bit will still depend on getting funding some time later. So may be a few more years before the Dismount sign finally goes!

Thanks Bob! I'll try to make the meeting (it'll depend on the kids).

My biggest gripe with the Bay run is actually the shared paths, too many walkers plugged into iPods oblivious to their surroundings. This looks okay to me.

I am thinking the lack of funding for the final connection to the IC Bridge is pretty unsatisfactory. It will mean another year or more of the dangerous car park entry across the bottom of the ramp down from the bridge, and the Dismount sign. They should do that bit first or at the same time as the Thompson to South St bit. Cyclists can use the road between Formosa St and South St until such time as they get funding for the shared path.
bump for sophie

they could put the 30 limit in now, that's heaps fast through there with people about


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