Be Careful out there, next Tuesday 28th June Police Bliz on Bikes

From Bicycle NSW -  Police operation focusing on cyclists on Tuesday 28th June. . As a result of the working relationship Bicycle NSW has with NSW Police we have been advised that there will be an operation next Tuesday concentrating on inner Sydney & Centennial Park areas. 

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How do we get the NSW  ombudsman involved in this 'cycling safety laws; that are now a pwer trip for the police against low hanging fruit with much fines to collect but zero danger to the community ?

thanks, I'll wave to the cops waiting at Perry Lane Lilyfield, then I'll ring my bell for the cops waiting at Pyrmont bridge.

I've just received the email from BicycleNSW.

What worries me is this bit: "Police can fine cyclists riding without helmets, without bells, not stopping at designated stop signals and any perceived dangerous riding." (my emphasis). It worries me because you'll have a bunch of police out there carrying out this blitz who don't ride / have never ridden a bike / never ridden a bike in the city making on the spot judgments on someone's riding.


They  need to be more precise in the their wording, the law is "negligently, furiously or recklessly".

The law is no different to cars: Australian ROAD TRANSPORT ACT 2013 - SECT 117: Negligent, furious or reckless driving. There's also 118 - menacing driving.

Application of the law for cyclists, as you point out, may be something entirely different


According to some people just riding a bicycle is by default we should all be fined.

On another note, since we know that this is a statistics gathering exercise, why not simply avoid all those areas we know they hang out? Thereby skewing their data and rendering it useless for reporting purposes.

Or better still, a decrease in cyclists can be used as "evidence" that their stupid laws are hindering cycling participation....just a thought

Police don't count absolute numbers, just fines. 

A decrease in number of fines will be argued by Gay that the fines are working as a deterrent. 

Presumably NSW Police have fed this information to BNSW and allowed them to give the tip off. This strikes me as unusual -  none of the other Operation Pedro stings have operated this way. 

I suspect this is a red herring, and that NSW Police will be on Oxford St and Bourke as well, catching cyclists that may otherwise go through Centennial. 

Guess I'll skip work tomorrow. I have long ago decided to reject the rule of law regarding bicycle helmets, and I can't be fucked walking or driving, to slow, too costly. 

I could take the bus.... nahh.

I think the cops went a bit overboard this morning.

Cnr Henry St and Scott St Fivedock, there is a stop sign.

This morning, there were 3 4wds full of riot police.

Whilst they weren't looking, I rolled through the intersection, and cause they'd blocked the road, I went around them via the footpath!

Surprisingly I wasn't gang tackled to the ground.

Maybe the fact they were busy breaking down a door gave me a lucky break.

Cops were also at Pyrmont. I was on the road, not the bike lane, and they didn't care. They were only focused on those in the bike lane.


FYI, that's not a bike lane, it's only a cycleway and you have no obligation to use it.

So they were busy raiding a meth lab when they could of been ticketing you for not having a bell.  They got that wrong didn't they

Nothing doing from the south/inner south through Bourke and Taylor Sq this morning.

Passed though about 10 past 7 though

I rode via Bourke St path, Taylor Square, Oxford St and College St this morning at about 9:30. Not a bike cop to be seen - nor any other kind.


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