Be Careful out there, next Tuesday 28th June Police Bliz on Bikes

From Bicycle NSW -  Police operation focusing on cyclists on Tuesday 28th June. . As a result of the working relationship Bicycle NSW has with NSW Police we have been advised that there will be an operation next Tuesday concentrating on inner Sydney & Centennial Park areas. 

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The PoBs (Police on Bikes) were at the bottom of the SHB stairs.

Maybe waiting for people to 'recklessly' ride down the stairs?

I hear that two cyclists were booked at the SHB stairs for not stopping on red at the pedestrian crossing in Alfred St. Each copped a $425 fine.

That's a favourite "gotcha". Even before Operation Pedro and the this "cyclist safety blitz" the cops would often camp out near the stairs, pinging anyone running that red.

I hope they don't pay

I can confirm from my meeting with john sidoti that the government chooses to take the absolute numbers as proof that harsher laws and more enforcement is justified and necessary. Of course we know Duncan will skew the results to say what he wants anyway

If number of fines goes up, then they claim success because those scofflaw cyclists obviously need bringing under control, and the higher fines are justified.

If number of fines goes down, they claim success because the higher fines are working to bring those scofflaw cyclists under control.

Duncan also claims that because hardly anyone has been fined for the 1 metre rule that motorists are obeying the law.

From personal experience that is very far from the truth.


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