Gladys Berejiklian will shift from serving as Transport Minister to become NSW's Treasurer. It appears that Andrew Constance (the former treasurer) is to be the new Transport Minister.

While the video is still available:


Premier Mike Baird is about to appoint NSW's first ever female Treasurer to oversee the $70 billion state budget.

Lee Jeloscek is at Macquarie Street.

Lee, what more can you tell us?

The phones have been running hot and I can now confirm Gladys Berejiklian will become treasurer.

The deputy leader will give up the transport portfolio and take control of the state's finances, including the electricity privatisation transactions.

She's a former banker so brings finance experience.

Another winner is likely to be Cronulla MP Mark Speakman who will be brought into cabinet.

The demotions will include mental health minister Jai Rowell and Pru Goward.

Andrew Constance seems likely to take on transport.

Votes are still being counted in the state election, and the Nationals look like winning Lismore, which means the Coalition will have 54 seats, Labor 34, 3 - Greens and two independents in the new parliament.

All Liberal and National MPs will be in Parliament tomorrow to formally endorse their leaders before cabinet is sworn in on Thursday.

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What if anything is known about Andrew Constance and cycling policy?

Nothing. Cycling policy? What cycling policy?

But, if this isn't an AFJ, and Gladys now has the money, and she knows what a sh!tfight it is cycling from North Sydney to Naremburn because we have told her, we need to lean on her hard to fund HarbourLink and/or the Pacific Hwy cycleway.

S'pose her argument will be that she can't favour her own electorate. Even though cyclists funnel in from Liberal electorates far and wide. She used that one to resist upgrading Artarmon Station access before foisting an unwanted and unsatisfactory west-side solution now being advertised as imminent with pretty signs at the station. Improved access for disabled travellers constitutes two ugly lifts, one up, one down, connected by a recycled bridge and plonked in a park, along with a footpath downgrade to accommodate one (yes, 1) all-day disabled parking space.

I hold out so much hope for good outcomes from this newly minted LNPFail govt for anyone not wanting to be in a car.

Gladys didn't do anything as minister for transport, so no real change there. The one I'm hoping gets the arse is Duncan. Surely he's proved himself to be completely hopeless to even the Liberals.

Glady will claim to have introduced the Opal ticketing system.

And she changed the name of the train network. They go much better as a result.

and duncan gay changed the RTA name to the RMS. that's the closest thing to a positive action he achieved last term

I am pleased with opal, despite hiccups.


To be fair to her, there have been bins added, and a bit of paint on the trains and timetables.

2 hours 30 mins for 65km train trip home last night, and that's not counting the wait for a choo choo either.

" I am pleased with opal, despite hiccups."

Opal cards don`t work in Opal Tower to open doors. :(

Profi, would that be faster than Sydney's first train trip back in 1855?

14 miles in 50 minutes then, so yes faster now to get to granville aka burramuttagal junction

Afaik the libs funded the hills railway line.  Ultimately that will be their only useful contribution - even if they screwed up everything about how its connected to the rest of the network.

I think that's a negative. Drilling the tunnel 10cm's (or something like that) to small to fit our current trains means this line will be handed over to a private company and that people will have to change trains at Chatswood. It'll also mean it can't ever be connected up to our current network.

Yes, although we might hope that the rest of the railway will adopt 25kV, oodles of carriages and 300km/h


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