Gladys Berejiklian will shift from serving as Transport Minister to become NSW's Treasurer. It appears that Andrew Constance (the former treasurer) is to be the new Transport Minister.

While the video is still available:


Premier Mike Baird is about to appoint NSW's first ever female Treasurer to oversee the $70 billion state budget.

Lee Jeloscek is at Macquarie Street.

Lee, what more can you tell us?

The phones have been running hot and I can now confirm Gladys Berejiklian will become treasurer.

The deputy leader will give up the transport portfolio and take control of the state's finances, including the electricity privatisation transactions.

She's a former banker so brings finance experience.

Another winner is likely to be Cronulla MP Mark Speakman who will be brought into cabinet.

The demotions will include mental health minister Jai Rowell and Pru Goward.

Andrew Constance seems likely to take on transport.

Votes are still being counted in the state election, and the Nationals look like winning Lismore, which means the Coalition will have 54 seats, Labor 34, 3 - Greens and two independents in the new parliament.

All Liberal and National MPs will be in Parliament tomorrow to formally endorse their leaders before cabinet is sworn in on Thursday.

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Is Duncan Gay still roads minister?

Yes,  er,maybe.

Tell him anything that you detests.

I love Sydney Cycleways has reported on facebook that he still is.

 Yes ..... unfortunately 16 - 17 Nats in parliament so clearly a f$"k-wit continues in the roads portfolio. Ayres loses police, replaced by deputy premier, Troy Grant, a former country policeman ..... anyone know anything? Hopefully not another bully, but will focus on real crime such as prevalent murders and bashings rather than helmet usage.

There's no fines income in targeting real crime. Just sayin'.

When Gladys was in opposition she promised to :

  • Connect the cycle network. FAIL
  • Build the Prospect cycleway bridge. FAIL

While she has been good as the transport minister (public transport),

she gets a FAIL for being the transport minister (cycling).

  • There are still stairs at the end of the harbour bridge. FAIL
  • The greenway was destroyed before it was even built. FAIL
  • Total cycling budget reduced to 40 million, enough to build 80 metres of Westconnex! FAIL

It will be interesting to find out what the new transport minister, Andrew Constance (MP for Bega), thinks about cycling.

It will be worth sending him a short email and hope for a non standard reply.

I thought the total cycling budget was dropped by the cost of the Moore Park pedestrian bridge

Surely not, wouldn't/shouldn't it have come out of Anzac Day Commemoration funds (Tibby Cotter being a famous Anzac)?
The Saulster had this to say about how they got the funds

As an aside I checked the bridge today, 5:31 - 6:01 pm.  14 cyclists, 10 pedestrians.

Absolutely everyone told them it was in the wrong place.  Its amazingly painful to think that they pretty much could have built most of the greenway with that money, and the greenway would have actual hundreds of commuters during peak.


I remain convinced that the greenway cancellation was to prevent competition with the tram

enough said he is mp for Bega


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