Gladys Berejiklian will shift from serving as Transport Minister to become NSW's Treasurer. It appears that Andrew Constance (the former treasurer) is to be the new Transport Minister.

While the video is still available:


Premier Mike Baird is about to appoint NSW's first ever female Treasurer to oversee the $70 billion state budget.

Lee Jeloscek is at Macquarie Street.

Lee, what more can you tell us?

The phones have been running hot and I can now confirm Gladys Berejiklian will become treasurer.

The deputy leader will give up the transport portfolio and take control of the state's finances, including the electricity privatisation transactions.

She's a former banker so brings finance experience.

Another winner is likely to be Cronulla MP Mark Speakman who will be brought into cabinet.

The demotions will include mental health minister Jai Rowell and Pru Goward.

Andrew Constance seems likely to take on transport.

Votes are still being counted in the state election, and the Nationals look like winning Lismore, which means the Coalition will have 54 seats, Labor 34, 3 - Greens and two independents in the new parliament.

All Liberal and National MPs will be in Parliament tomorrow to formally endorse their leaders before cabinet is sworn in on Thursday.

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Of course train commuter times would be vastly improved if the timetables weren't fiddled with. The former ALP government responded to the opposition's screams about late running of trains by adjusting the timetables. Instead of train speeds slight faster than cyclists return to previous speeds ..... but of course the minister wouldn't want to risk that. 

Google reckons the above Japanese trip is 15.2 km and takes 26 minutes ..... NW commuters will be the beneficiaries of much longer travel times! 

Japan has a lot better signalling. I saw a train arrive a minute after the arrival time of another train, which had already left of course.

In Sydney the signalling is I think technology from the 2nd world war and means we can't run enough trains to avoid the snow ball effect (trains, especially double deckers are to packed and the dwell time at the station gets exponentially bigger the more packed they are). The double deckers are a lot more efficient at carrying people before the snow ball effect kicks in (see previous link).

I've had to stand up from Hatagaya to half way to Narita (didn't get the express train) and it bloody hurts after a while. Apparently 20minutes is the limit for standing up and the metro's they are going to put in are mostly standing for a 45 minute journey.

45 mins would be the maximum though. It's not like everyone gets on at the start of the line and goes all the way to the end. And if you get on at the start, you're more likely to get a seat...

In any case, a mate of mine gets the bus to the CBD from Maroubra at peak hour. If you don't get a seat that's 45 minutes standing - on a bus, which is a lot less comfortable than a train because they lurch all over the place.

The Tube from heathrow to the city is also more than 45 mins, and this is also a "metro" format with less seating.

I'm glad they held their nerve and made the shift to a new single decker format for this NW line.

The thing is, they could have stuck to their guns about purchasing single deck trains without building a new line that is fundamentally (and forever) incompatible with the rest of the Sydney Trains network. It's the incompatibility aspect that galls me. The tracks are compatible, so are the stations, it's ONLY the tunnels. Stupid decision to build smaller tunnels, IMO.

Heathrow has both of course: the Heathrow Express (for Paddington bears).


You always get a seat on a bicycle :-)

In Japan the carriages have seats along the train and the majority of commuters stand -it is alot more space efficent but not very comfortable

private train lines in Japan tend to be built for a reason -a large department store to another branch of the same department store .Something like westfield building a railway line from bondi junction to cbd(westfield)

Yes, and to add more detail, the company that owns the department stores also owns and operates the train line, and tends to own a lot of real estate around the stations where they build and rent a lot of apartments. No doubt there's a lot of crony-style corruption that goes into the creation of that setup, but it's arguably no worse than the corruption behind the demolition of the Newcastle rail line in favour of car-oriented development.

Ive come to the conclusion where big money is to be made then there is corruption

Oh great, here comes a depression for NSW

I hope your off the cuff comment gets as much attention as mine. I didn't think mine deserved the attention it got, I've must have a special way with words!

Hey as long as they don't put up the price of booze, ciggies and fuel, hardly anyone will care about this change


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