Think Top of the Pops for bikes... What is the best song out there?

No points for Queen or Daisy, daisy give me your answer do...

Is there anything hip?

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I have an album by British Post Rock band called Appliance.

I think one of the guys is an avid bike rider - There are a number of cycling references.

None as abvious as this one -

Derailleur - King Of The Mountain

I think it's the downhill part, just reaching the bottom of the valley.

Unfortiunately, I can't find a longer free clip :~(

 My favorite is katie Melua's , 9 million bicycles in Beijing.  Not only a lovely melody, but the lyrics are very interesting. If you don't know it, your in for a treat.

On another matter, I'm frustrated that my bicycle art site, on which I've worked pretty hard this year,  and is surely unique, is still not found by Google. My blog is well found., but not the art site for some reason.

Http:// That's all I want for Xmas, that google finds this site and moves it up.

Please take a minute to take a look, especially at the new solar prints gallery at drawings of early shearers and gold miners who once roamed the country on bikes.Like pre 1920.  Inspiration for these images is  thanks to Jim Fitzpatrick's great book. The Bicycle and the Bush

Mike if I search for 'situp bike art' it is the first result.

I hadn't tried that, Paul, since I think few would search that way. I always check , bicycle art. But it's encouraging and thanks for pointing it out. Here's a shearer with his dog. Anyone who wants the great book, The Bicycle and the Bush, can get is directly from Author, Jim Fitzpatrick,  via his web site. Starhill ut

Leaning Into the Fall (Mona) and Kiss the Dirt (INXS)

I hope this helps.



With acknowledgements to Kimberley, herewith deposited is this song, that it may reside henceforth in the most appropriate SC pigeonhole.


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