Best route from Paddington to Broadway- for a cargo bike

Hi all,

This has been puzzling me for awhile so I figured I'd take it to the experts.

We have ballet on Wednesdays in Paddington and we live near Broadway. Obviously the prospect of getting in the car doesn't bear thinking about unless it's a typhoon or something and then we could always skip the twirling for a week. We ride a bakfiets trike.

I'm trying to find a good route that doesn't involve too much heavy traffic. I prefer to stay off the roads where possible with the little ones in the bike and will ride on footpaths (they're under 10) when it's available/appropriate but I find coming downhill Fouveaux st at Surry Hills on what's basically a wheeled tripod frankly daunting. Going through the CBD without a proper East/West bike route on or off the footpath is similar.

Has anyone got any ideas? (And did I put this in the right sub-forum?)


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I live on the Paddington edge of Darlinghurst, and frequently ride a cargo bike (with child) to both Paddington and Broadway. So I know the issues :)

The main decision is whether to travel north or south of Central Station. To a large extent the answer depends on where your start and end points are.

South of Central Station can be a little more relaxed, although it's hard to avoid a steep downhill somewhere. But it can be on less "contested" space down the hill, and then through Prince Alfred Park, a short section of footpath on Cleveland St, and then the quiet back-streets of Chippendale.

So where are your start and end points?

Through the back of Chippo, cross Regent at Cleveland, through Prince Alfred Park, pop out next to the pool, up Devonshire Street, dog leg on Bourke then up the side of the primary school, cross South Dowling at the lights, then ride through park towards Captain Cook hotel.

I will do a map when I get time, but at the moment Google Maps makes my computer hang.

Best way that I can see is Greens Rd - crossing over Moore Park Rd - go right - on the sharepath - crossing Anzac Pde - keep following the sharepath through Moore Park keeping to the left side of South Dowling St going south - crossing over South Dowling at Parkham St - follow the route bike signs to go down Parkham Ln through Wimbo Pk - right left at Bourke St Cycleway to go up Devonshire St - follow this all the way down to Elizabeth St - right left down Rutland - cross over Chalmers when there is a break or use footpath to lights - go through Prince Alfred Park - again use footpath along Cleveland - crossing Regent - using the footpath on the west side of Regent going north - then go left down Meagher/Myrtle taking Shepherd to get to Broadway.

The start and end points are always important with a cargo bike. Everyone has covered the south route pretty well.
I'm no expert for the north route but Campbell St has the most gentle gradient and lighter traffic. Then cut through quieter Surry Hills streets, in front of Belmore park and up the ramp past the country terminal at Central (if you have the legs and watch for the tram tracks). You run into pedestrians and a bottleneck at Railway Square so I would only take this route if I had to.

Yes, that's my north-of-Central route - heading west it's down Campbell St, left into Foster (wrong way, but so what, there's no traffic there), right into Blackburn (wrong way again), get on the footpath at Elizabeth St and cross with the ped lights at Hay St, and then through Belmore Park, turn right onto the footpath at Eddy Ave, left with the ped lights at Pitt St which takes you to Railway Square.

Does that mean I've joined the experts?

Hi everyone,

thanks so much for the information, I've been plodding along with my sydney cycleways map and I suspect that the long way via redfern is going to be best for us- lucky we're never in a hurry!

Thanks agin!

I think that's the best way, surprised no-one suggested it. If you want to avoid Cleveland street, then that route through the backstreets of Redfern is nice and signposted for bikes etc.

I'd look at something like this Via Redfern

Thanks Blue,

I think that will be the best route for us. TBH in a cargo bike the slower is usually the better way to go! :)


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