Best Value for Money Bike under $10,000 - Ben Gough Needs a New Bike

Please add thoughts and opinions so i can make an informed decision about the best bike value for money under $10,000.

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Road bike, commuter, MTB, fold-up, vintage/retro, fixie, penny farthing? What type of riding are you hoping to use the bike for?
ROAD BIKE - Sorry everyone
To be honest, if your budget is a mere $10,000 (assuming you didn't put the comma in the wrong place) the last thing you want to do is buy a bike to a budget; go and find something that does what you want it to, fits you properly, and is something you love. There'd be nothing worse than in three months time looking at it in the garage and regretting your decision.

But if you want to take some of the hard work out of it, Turramurra Cyclery had a Pinarello Paris (the new one) with Super Record and Fulcrum Racing Zeroes for $10,500 (5% off for cash?) but it sold in days. I'm sure you could talk Mark in to doing another one for the same price. (Disclosure: occasional customer but no pecuniary interest in Pinarello, De Grandi or Turrumurra Cyclery).
If the budget is $9,999, value does not come into the purchase equation. To assess value, one needs to know application and the rider spec, without those data, there is no value to discuss.

Otherwise this is a troll post...
I am talking near new or great condition second hand.. Im looking for some ideas and opinions.. Somewhere to start... Not that there is no discussion if you don't mind.. Thats doesn't exactly help
I think the point is, for $10,000 you can get pretty much whatever you want. Although I have no idea about road bikes I'd think you'd be getting top of the range groupset and pick your favourite frame to go with it. You're getting into the finer points... are you a sprinter, want to go on bunch rides, into 1 day rides, planning to contest GC in the TdF next year? Best to go to a knowledgeable bike shop and have an in-depth discussion. A $10,000 bike isn't something you ride to the shops on!
Recently while in Melbourne had the absolute pleasure of visiting Cycling Edge great store with jaw droppingly amazing road and mountain bikes. Moots, Parlee, Independant Fabrications.They do bike fitting and custom paint jobs. Some will be in excess of the $10000 budget but am sure if you had a chat with them they could meet your budget. If you want a high end bike that fits perfectly and looks more like a work of art then it's worth the price of the flight to go down there and meet them.

Am always surprised at people who "make fun" of those who wish to buy high end bikes. I say go for it. If you love your cycling and want a beautiful ride than what is it to anyone else how much it costs? Buy what will make you happy and don't worry about what anyone else has to say on how much you spend.
No problem with people buying expensive bikes at all. However, for someone to part with that kind of dosh then they should at least have an idea about what they want and why.

That being said...

Depends entirely on what you are going to use it for.

If I could justify that kind of money on a single road bike I'd be looking at a custom titanium frame (Steve Hogg + Baum/Lynsky/Eclipse/?) with the best shimano groupo + wheels (no idea, seriously, I go for cheap + durability normally) I could afford after that.

Then again, my aspirations lie more towards the Paris - Brest - Paris than riding a second or so faster than my peers over a relatively short distance, but 80%+ of my cycling is commuting where a bling bike is asking for trouble.
the best shimano groupo + wheels (no idea, seriously, I go for cheap + durability normally)

Maybe that's what Cav should have gone for instead of the ones he's using here.
Geez, for 10 grand I'd be getting a custom built Reynolds 853 or Columbus Max frame with Record 11 speed or SRAM red.
And that's for realz. It'd last your for a bloody long time, and unless you're racing cat 1 or care what the dentists at the coffee shop think of you it will ride as good or better than some carbon malarky and will (most importantly) fit you perfectly.

But that's just my 2c.
Don't dis carbon, Jonathon. My $3.5k full carbon Bianchi bike rides a lot more comfortably than did my sadly demised c.$5k Columbus Max frame bike.
Not dissing per se: just saying I'd prefer something that will last a while. But hell, unless I win the lottery this is all moot. I spend most of my riding time on a surly crosscheck, and that rides like a dream.


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