Best Value for Money Bike under $10,000 - Ben Gough Needs a New Bike

Please add thoughts and opinions so i can make an informed decision about the best bike value for money under $10,000.

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Nowhere in my post does it say sydneycyclist is area specific. You asked "Anyone have idea's for the best places in Brisbane to go for that??"

Surely it would be better to ask a Brisbane Based group for this information?

Still, it all helps to keep this thread alive.
Hi Ben
I will offer you no advice on what to buy but hopefully my recent bike purchase may help you with your purchase in some way.

I have just upgraded to a titanium Litespeed. Full SRAM Red. My own TWE hand-built wheels from Greg in Cronulla. I got a great bike fit and specced the bike with the shops help. Sure I could have gone ultra bling on the bars, stem, seat post etc but then u have to stop somewhere and my budget had a ceiling. I used to ride a Giant TCR with 105 and the Litespeed it just way better. But then you would hope so for the price difference.

I have ridden anything from 80 to 250kms on it thus far and it does everything I can throw at it. Its great going fast or slow, corners like its on rails, climbs, descends. I used to ache after a long ride on my TCR but that doesn't seem to be such a problem anymore. It weighs just under 7kgs and I weigh 78kgs. Sure I could get the bike weight down to 6 ish kgs but then I can loose 2kgs depending if I have a beery week or not.

All up it came in at appx $6k give or take a few hundred $ and I am sure it will now last me quiet a few years. Or at least the spending controller hopes so.

The best thing about it is that it puts a great big fat smile on my face every time I jump onboard and I always finish a ride wanting to keep on riding past my front door and stick another 100kms on the clock. I rode 250kms Around the Bay in a Day on Sunday and even when I was being pelted by horizontal cold rain and horrible head winds I still had a smile on my face when I looked down at my bike skimming through the puddles.

All in all I think it was money well spent and whether you spend ten grand or 10 bucks I am sure you will find something that suits you. Good luck.

Happy days thanks to:
Liam at Bike Bar Bondi Jct for the bike.
Greg at TWE for the wheels.


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