The RMS are publishing bicycle count data (which is great to see) on this page.

The obvious stand-out from this data is that bicycle traffic into the City of Sydney is increasing in droves (Harbour Bridge, Anzac Bridge, Anzac Parade), while many of the other counts show no significant growth.

Food for thought for those of us interested in policy and planning...

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I wrote about this difference between inner-suburbs and outer-suburbs a little while ago: Anti-cyclists are out of the loop.

In the inner-suburbs the trend is towards more cycling and less driving, while in the outer suburbs the trends are in the opposite direction - less cycling and more driving. So people who live in the inner suburbs are seeing the decades-long trend of increasing auto-domination being thrown into a startling reverse, while those in the outer suburbs are seeing it continue as if it was an unbendable fact of nature.


"....while those in the outer suburbs are seeing it continue as if it was an unbendable fact of nature."

Sadly yes, it does seem like that here - (lower northern beaches).

Amazed that people put up with Military rd traffic.

1 hour to travel 15km from Manly to Tunnel/Bridge in peak hour is pure madness and its getting noticeably worse than when I arrived 10 years ago.

Happy with my Bike-Ferry-Bike commute to the extent my car will soon be sold. When I can afford a new MTB I'll be cutting the Ferry out of the equation as well. Bike ride is the best part of my day even in the appalling weather a few weeks back.

I go opposite - Lane Cove to Brookvale in the mornings and the traffic is light. Travelling by car I would be fairly easy to beat.

But the afternoons are another story and sometimes I could be already at home while a workmate is in his car still trying to get to Mosman .....................


+1 for riding all the way, but the ferry does have coffee and a chance to sit back and relax, which are significant seductions :))   maybe I'm getting old and slack...

Know what you mean, quite enjoying the time the ferry provides for reading a book!

I'm still trying to work out how a MTB can replace a ferry! Water wheels?

Have to carry and work it up then float`n`ride on water. Not good in surfing condition. ;-)

I've seen a definite increase over the last 12 months of commuting by bicycle.(Baulkham Hills <-> Eastern Creek) on the M7.  But I could drive and it would take me almost half the time to get to work, the traffic has not hit that point where you just can't believe it.

If I had to drive east from Baulkham Hills to work though would be a different story, population density is higher, employment density is higher and you'd be nuts or a very strong reason to drive to work.

Interesting link, nice to see RMS actually bother to present this information.

I was thinking they didn't know people who choose to cycle even existed.

Just a note that that website doesn't seem to present itself nicely in Chrome

Nor in Safarii on an iPad. Text box drops down and obscures the graph, in case anyone in RMS is listening.

exclude the weekends and the average goes way down for anything along the M7.


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