I rode past the Bicycle Garage in Lilyfield last night and all the bikes are gone, the fittings removed and the external signage taken down. There were no signs on the door or windows saying they'd moved to another location, so I assume they've closed.

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From their Facebook Page:

'Wow how fast 8 years goes!

Bicycle Garage Lilyfield is now closed. We would like to thank everyone who has visited and supported our store over the last 8 years. It was a daunting experience starting a new business from scratch and the support of the local community has been overwhelming.

The new chapter begins this Saturday 1st July. We are relocating and opening our new shop in Leichhardt.

Our new address is Shop 2, 1A Lords Road Leichhardt (behind Leichhardt market place shopping centre). Our new phone number is (02) 9560 8882 or our old number (02) 9818 3303 will direct you to our new shop.

We will be open from 9 am this Saturday. We hope to see all your familiar faces in the new store and look forward to continue supporting the inner west cycling community.'

I really liked their current location - but I think the building they operated out of was recently sold which may have something to do with the move - but all speculation there.


About 10 weeks ago there was a for-sale sign above the shop.  It went to auction and was sold and hence the bike shop lease was not renewed.

The whole corner block has been sold.  Not sure what the plans are but likely a re-development of some sort.

Looking at current trends it'll probably be new flats with a chemist warehouse underneath  :-)

Maybe car parking for the new dev will be required to be off street, thus freeing up space for a bi-di bike path kerbside, as planned in the Lilyfield Rd upgrade, which is still to finalised. Supposed to go to Council soon. They are apparently still persisting with the bi di on the steep bit of LF Rd.

Yeah, I went past the other day and was surprised it was closed. I went in there a few days ago to get some chain lube, and it didn't seem to be in the throes of closing down, so it makes sense they relocated.

Surprised they didn't put a sign in the window or something though. Hope they are successful in their new location.

Good news I thought we had lost another bike shop in the Inner west

Yes, good luck to them, not really on a well used bike route there but maybe they can lobby for wider bike lanes on Flood St:)

There was another bike shop on Parramatta Rd one street west of Flood St. I dropped in when they opened a couple of years ago but havnt noticed them lately. They had relocated to Sydney from Erina on the Central Coast.
Caught me by surprise too. Just 2 days ago a chap dropped his chain at the junction and we were saying it was fortunate there was a shop there ,it wasn't open for operation yet that morning but things were still looking normal. Then bam! Completely void today and zero signage

Yes, I stopped to try and help him too (assuming same guy), thinking at least shop would be open. I directed him to Velofix in Rozelle (is there anything closer?)

He was in a real mess - jockey wheel had dislodged and the rear derailleur flicked up into cassette cogs, I don't think he was going anywhere....

At least shop is re-opening rather than the alternative. 


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