I find this hard to believe, but it's in Francis Street, Artarmon. 

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It isn't just bad but it shows a degree of contempt which unfortunately is pretty common. As a non lawyer I can't understand why councils are not liable for injuries due to such dangerous infrastructure and this one with a requirement to use ("where practicable" I believe the regulation says) , but in any case many drivers would deem it appropriate to intimidate bicycle riders who did not use such a lane.

The paint looks newish so no excuse that it is old infrastructure from a bygone less enlightened era. I happen to be exploring an area yesterday in the Deep South west called Spring Hill, suburbs of new roads and housing but the same door death zone bicycle lanes (without the sign though so only advisory) and even these lane disappear at each of the frequent round a outs where the danger is greatest,

Yep. I only noticed the sign yesterday - my parents live down that street.


What's really needed is a much wider real door zone protected bicycle lane on the uphill, and nothing at all on the downhill.


They have done exactly that on Lilyfield rd on the hill to/from Iron Cove bay.  Sensible.

When I was working at Chatswood they put door zone bike lanes on the street beside St Leonards station.  I had to change my route so to avoid it

I thought councils had given up on that sort of shitty 'infrastructure' years ago.

I agree they are dangerously counterproductive - with an expectation from drivers (and inexperienced cyclists) that they must be ridden in.

For residential streets such as this, it could be necked down to one traffic lane, with wide cycle lanes either side that can be used for passing when required.

It is also deeply frustrating that councils are wasting money on this sort of stuff.

My guess is because drivers/ passengers legally need to look before opening doors. Council can then point the finger at someone in the wrong, although I think in this case contributory negligence could/ should considered. Also dead people don't make great witnesses. 

Drivers/passengers are responsible for safely opening their doors regardless of what signs/zones/lanes they are parked in.

Maybe if the Bicycle LANE signage was in front of the cars instead of behind them, it could have some reinforcement bonus :-(

What are you supposed to do at the speedhump/ garden, seem a case where it is impracticable to ride in this lane?

Trying to ride within that lane is an accident waiting to happen!

It's old and it's useless.

Fortunately the road carries little traffic, particularly downhill.

The lane is best ignored and no court in the land would convict anyone not using it since it is so narrow, crap-filled, and discontinuous.

Willoughby Council really needs to remove the line markings. Reconstructing the speed humps and pedestrian crossing would be pretty expensive. It's really rather pointless trying to create a usable lane for the small number of bikes using the route. More pro-bicycle signage, less lanemarking is my suggestion.

I thought there were only a handful of Bicycle Lanes in Sydney Neil.

I was extremely surprised to find this one! 

Specially because it is such a ridiculous one! 

Might be worth getting on to the Transport Planner. Could be that they might look at improving this old infra, along the lines of a wider uphill bike lane (say 1.8 m) , no downhill bike lane, 3m traffic lanes, 2.5 m parking lanes, and BMUFL signs. 

<quote from their website> The Willoughby Council Bicycle Consultative Committee provides a forum for bicycle riders to make plans and discuss issues with Councillors and Council staff. It meets approximately 4 times a year and gives Council advice on facilities and design. Resident suggestions for cycling infrastructure improvements and requests for bike racks are welcome and can be made by contacting Council’s Transport Planner on 9777 1000.

Or taking NA’s point that the route isn’t much use, (Does it link to anywhere?), just remove the logos and Bike Lane sign and install BMUFL signs to try to encourage cyclists out of the door zone.



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