I find this hard to believe, but it's in Francis Street, Artarmon. 

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Over zealous council.  The kind of cycle lane that should be ignored. 

I like those bike lane markings as they make cars park closer to the gutter and gives me a guide on minimum safe distance to not get door'd, i.e. I ride on the outside of the line. 

just need to scrub the logos and put them in the traffic lane instead.

No justification for putting up the Bike Lane signs, since the lanes don’t meet the standards. 

A name and email for the Transport Planner who is the contact for the council bike plan- from the councils Haveyoursay Link on Bernards recent post.


Autroads says a Bike Lane (with a white line on both sides)  next to parked cars should be separated from cars by a minimum 0.4 m gap and be an absolute minimum of 1.2 m wide, preferably 1.5 m. The total kerbside lane would then be a minimum of 3.7 m, according to the diagram, although on the previous page it says 4 m. I doubt there would be 3.7 m in Francis St, or other streets around Sydney where they put up Bike Lane signs.

They are miles away from that.

We will just ignore them but drivers and the police will think they should be used .........

These "facilities" only "work" if the cars are parked correctly close to the kerb.

A VERY big ask of many drivers...


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