Apparently Bicycle Network came to Sydney - from what I can see from their facebook page they appear to have set up their pitch on the north side of the bridge. Bicycle Network have some controversial views - they oppose the minimum passing distance, pushed for the equalisation of fines for cyclists in Victoria and staunchly oppose any repeal of MHL. Will they be any better at advocacy than BNSW? What do people think?

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Probably far worse.

They seem much more interested in raising their own profile than moving cycling forward. No advocacy would be better than there self serving anti cycling advocacy.

From my perspective, they are counter-advocates wearing a cycling mask.

They are not wanted and should stay in Victoria.

If you need liability insurance, check your home contents policy. If you want liability and personal accident insurance, look at joining your local Cycling Australia club (or Audax) which will likely be cheaper.

please go away BN

They certainly won't represent me regarding cycling policy and I will be letting Duncan and Gladys know that.  If they're reading this (and they should if they pretend to be advocates) they should take note.

A previous BNV thread that just about says it all.

I missed that thoroughly nauseating sermon when it was posted.  

Struggling to understand how BNV squares their stated imperative of representing all types of cyclists with their vigorous opposition to 1-metre passing laws and MHL.

I'm still horrified by the healthy washing that Coke has done with Bicycle Network.

Reminds me very much of what happened and was banned in the UK - with Cadbury's asking children to buy lots Cadbury's to win sports equipment.

Okay guys. You'll know a lot of this already but please see our Media Release.

Genuine feedback please.

You lost me at paragraph #7.


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