Yes, you did read that correctly. BN, long the cheerleader for higher cycling fines and mandatory helmets have announced they are reviewing their helmet policy.

In their words:

we’re taking an evidence-based approach and assessing our stance on mandatory helmets. At the end of the policy review, we may or may not change our position—it all depends on what we find.

They have opened a survey where you can share your thoughts.

Break out the popcorn - this could be interesting...!!

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Call me old, bitter and jaded but surely this is just a ruse. The next step will no doubt be a triumphant shouting from the rooftops that after their unbiased review, ALL the evidence categorically PROVES that mandatory helmet laws are the very cornerstone of cyclist safety and as a matter of urgency should be adopted worldwide.

I`m over of traitor Bicycle Network (V).

Had a look and put my effing comments of my thoughts in and then to the end of the survey. It asked for your name and email address to be included.

So I didn`t submitted it to BN(V) fake survey.

Be warned that if you do it for fake cyclist supporter BN(V) and you will be bombarded with ongoing emails from BN(V) to try to get you to join this traitor organisation for membership.

I was a bike count volunteer for BN(V) and I last counted last year and no longer do so due to fines increase and won`t be doing it for them anymore and asked them to remove me from mailing list that had annoys me of ongoing attempts to try to get me to join the bullsh!t membership in which I`ve had no interest in.

That survey do not help to get rid of fines or MHL.

*end rant*

I don't believe that the survey has anything to do with MHL. It's a half hearted attempt to get your email address so that they can harass you to become a member. 

You don't need to give your name or email address at the end.

Just leave them blank and hit submit.

That's true Sam, but do you think that there was much in the survey that really pertained to MHL. I thought that it was a fishing expedition more than anything!

I actually can't tell where the government stops and the parrot starts now.

Realistically harsh laws on cycling in nsw, accidents down 7% participation down 30%, ie there is all the evidence you'd ever need for a range of permissive law changes.

As an organization they are getting to the point of monumental stupidity, because that's 30% less target audience for them.

Maybe that's the point, perhaps BN(V) & BNSW are seeing their membership decline because there are less cyclists in the population and someone has thought it might be something to do with big increases in fines, general hostility to cycling and helmets killing spontaneity and being a general turn off for the freedom loving facebook generation. . You look at all the advertising that uses a person on a bicycle as a symbol of freedom, care free having fun etc and they never have a helmet. As the sports cyclists get older they might not be replaced as members and this is a threat to BN(v)'s "business" model.

I'm guessing that for sometime BN and other similar groups like BNSW gave survived on marketing to sports-motivated/influenced recreational cyclists that see value in their services like nsurance and mass rides.

That market still dominates cycling in Australia, fundamentally a result of MHLs and other transport policies that have removed 'everyday' utility and transport cyclists from our streets. But the reality is that everyday cycling is the growth area, as seen in London, New York and everywhere else that has provided infrastructure and not implemented MHLs. 

These cyclists don't need and are not interested in things like insurance and mass rides - this must be a problem for BN, but advocacy can still exist for those riders and, guessing, BN must claim some kind of representation for them in order to secure government funding. Tricky situation? But this survey is a welcome step forward and good luck to them if they change their policy and start to lobby for removal of MHLs.

I took the survey and I noted that BN are also asking for the submission of research to help them decide. 

Thats a bit of an eyeroll from me.

With the recent Senate Inquiry, from various MHL sites and just from google they should have plenty of evidence to make an informed decision.

But in good faith I think we should oblige them by sending in the research we know about. At least, because I KNOW that right now RACS, the AIPN and others will be making their own submissions, lest they lose an opportunity to defend their questionable legacy in this regard.

I'm wary of this like the multitudes of submissions for things like Greenway and Westconnex being ignored, but hey, it's not much effort to fill it in.

Got to be in it to win it, right ? 

Yes I've filled in the survey only expecting it to be a waste of time but I am still wary of BNV. They have not been an advocacy group which in anyway has represented my best interests and I question their agenda.

Last year I grovelled to Fred Nile and the assorted bigots from fringe political parties when they had the chance to undo the crazy hike in cycling fines. My well crafted polite cogent plea to them made not one jot of difference.

Well, it made not one jot of difference to them or the fines, but it made more than a jot of difference to me. It is an ongoing source of regret that I grovelled and wrote to them and specifically to Fred f***ing Nile.


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