Bicycle NSW newsletter and web site is reporting that some bicycle riders in the Sydney CBD have been fined for "Not using a bicycle lane" where the lane in question is the Liverpool St cycleway (not a bicycle lane)

Anyone know more? Disappointing that some police persons are as confused as most motorists regarding the difference.

There is of course a widespread fear that bicycle riders could be forced to use cycleways that are often inadequate.

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Also, law states: "... unless it is impracticable to do so."

A prime example near me (i.e. NOT on the "dark side"):

Here is the initial report on Facebook's Helmet Cop warning page.

That BNSW page you just linked to looks kind of familiar... they even used some of the same images.

Academic misconduct from BNSW eh.

Still, their scent is a little better now.

In other discussion, I sense the "Photo ID will make us equal" crowd in there haven't been given a decent military burial yet.

It was the intern ;)

More disgraceful conduct by NSW police.

This location is a well known "infrastructure fail" and the police are being completely disingenuous, issuing unlawful tickets (probably knowingly).

The bicycle lantern rarely changes and often goes for several cycles without providing a green. COS and RMS are entirely aware of it.

The ridiculous thing is that even when the pedestrians on Pitt st have green and the turning cars have a red arrow, the bike lantern shows a red when it should be green like most other similar setups in the city. In other words the bike green should be synchronised with the pedestrian green, like at Kent and Bathurst st.

Due to these issues, many riders use the road until pitt street and cross over to get to the cycleway after clearing this intersection. This is entirely legal and entirely reasonable.

The other issue facing citybound cyclists coming in from Oxford st, it that they must make 3 lane changes in heavy traffic to GET TO the cycleway. All without any ASL's or other configurations to assist. Difficult for less confident riders.

Maybe they could put a cycleway down College st?

Maybe Bicycle NSW could indulge in a bit of soul searching as to why the current sorry state of affairs exists and their complicity in it, rather than pretending they are doing a bang up job by providing access to legal advice.


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