Bicycle NSW promotes helmets with Transport NSW 'facts' on Facebook

as per their contractual agreement with Transport for NSW for the funding of Spring Cycle

FB  link:

I doubt if any of their posts garner as many replies within a day

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as part of the funding for Spring Cycle, they involve themselves in reducing cycling even further.

This post is a good test of Dabba's hypothesis. Helmet threads usually generate a lot of passionate responses. Or has it all simply been discussed before and there is nothing left to say?
I don't see this as a helmet thread, more of an advocacy body ... constraints.

Imo MHL discussion has long gone the way of flat earth and Climate change

MHL discussion is like riding up a mountain with a gale force headwind. I am not sure if the Earth isn't flat. Climate, well it changes everyday in Sydney....

Yup , I too, was a MHL supporter or fence sitter,  and Climate Change Denier.

But I was more importantly, I started out as a Flat Earther, until I began riding and you find out there's no such thing....

How do you know when a cyclist is lying?

When they say "it's flat!"

This is a good example of why too cozy a relationship between an advocacy body and the group they are advocating to inevitably leads to that advocacy body becoming ineffective.

A faustian bargain indeed. Bicycle NSW has sold our souls to the anti-cycling Transport for NSW. How does it feel to be sold down the river?

you missed a couple of $ 

A few weeks ago I posed this question on another thread:

Is is a Faustian pact, that [advocacy groups] get to 'engage' with the government, and get to run their rides, and in return they promote the governments anti-cycling agenda?

I think this Facebook post answers that question.

Devils dealing with devils is not a Faustian pact. I reckon the rulers of BNSW share the same anti-cycling values as those in government. Former Board President Jon Leighton is a perfect example.

(When I say "anti-cycling" I really mean an attitude towards non-sport/recreational cycling that ranges from obliviousness to contempt and condescension.)


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