Bicycle NSW promotes helmets with Transport NSW 'facts' on Facebook

as per their contractual agreement with Transport for NSW for the funding of Spring Cycle

FB  link:

I doubt if any of their posts garner as many replies within a day

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Spring cycle is a great day out and I really enjoy it.  If BNSW have to post a couple of messages to fund this, then I don't see this as them selling their souls.  On the contrary I applaud BNSW for making it very clear that it is a contractual obligation and therefore reading between the lines, not something they direcrtly support.

This is also backed up by their responses to the comments which do not in any way support MHL as a solution.  Any questions/comments related to this they are clearly deflecting back to transport for NSW and the government which is right, they cannot change the law but they can evidence the weight of comments.

This post could have been so much worse.  Firstly they could not have had the disclaimer which would make it appear that they do actually support MHL and secondly, their responses could continue to drive the MHL retoric, instead they seem to be clearly indicating their lack of support in what they are saying.

obviously, IMHO.

Yes IanW, the comments by readers and particularily BNSW are really interesting.  IMO they ar not sitting on the fence.  A distinct change from the past.  BNV have the helmet survey out as well.  This is the first time in their history they have challenged the MHL status quo.

Reading between the lines, the BNSW Board/employees are split on this issue. The post originally did NOT have the disclaimer - it was added after one (or more?) of the BNSW employees saw the post and objected to it.

the disclaimer was put in as an edit to the original post.

edit: opps, pointed out by Colin already

Yes, this is a good point.

A few years ago, BNSW fleetingly had a helmet policy on their website that called for a review of MHL. It lasted I think a few weeks, then vanished. 

As an aside, I very nearly became CEO of BNSW at one point. It was between me an Omar in the final round. I often wondered how I would have dealt with the helmet question if I'd got the job...

Ah so the "reduce head injuries by up to 74% in crashes with motor vehicles" claim is from my favourite* statistician Jake Olivier -

(By favourite I mean least favourite - you know - Lies, damned lies and statistics).


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