Bicycle Parking near Capitol Theatre for an hour or so during the day on Saturday...

Would it be ok to lock to a lamp post?

Any other options?

(Sorry, you can take the boy out of London/Manchester, but he'll still think everyone is a thieving c**t).

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There are hoops here and there on George St at least.

High traffic areas not so likely for thefts I suppose.

Cages and racks in Goulburn St Car Park

Never used them, interested to know how convenient and secure they are.

Otherwise, put in a quick order for some racks outside the theatre, the City is pretty keen to put in racks it seems, if there aren't already some- should be.
Can see 4 hoops on poles in Campbell St on GSV, 3 directly opposite the theatre. Strong lock and u should be ok.

but he'll still think everyone is a thieving c**t

I'm not sure most bike thieves are women.  But interested to be proven wrong. 


If you lock to a steel hoop, with a good quality, small U-lock, the chances of your bike being stolen are close enough to nil. Bike lights and other accessories though...


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