This morning at about 9.30 - two cycle police near the western end. I didn't see any speed measuring equipment, but I think they were checking for H-wearing (I later passed one H-less person walking her bike across the bridge). I haven't seen them there before - wonder if this is a one-off or if we can expect them there more regularly.

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Could it be an e-bike enforcement operation?

I ask this because last thursday afternoon I was walking across the bridge at about 4pm'ish.

A guy on a motorised bicycle rode across the bridge and he was absolutely pinning it. Seriously fast - I'd say above 40kph. Being 4pm, you could imagine how many people were on the bridge at the time. Hairy stuff.

I wonder if this is what they are looking for.
My friend was pulled over by a patrol car this month in Surry Hills - lights, loudspeaker and all. She was a on a BMX with no helmet, riding on the road to work. The patrol car seemed to waiting at the bottom of the hill in Cooper St. They told her that they were meant to be handing out fines for not wearing a helmet that day. She smiled and got away without a fine and walked her bike to work.
They were on the bridge a few weeks ago or so.

I like bicycle cops. We need more of them! And the ones I spoke to were really nice guys too.

One thing I think is a shame is that they seem to be deployed mainly in pedestrian areas. I'd like to see them on the roads more; I think they would make an excellent traffic enforcement tool. For example, catching people using mobiles whilst driving. Hard to apprehend those people either on foot on in a cop car, but on a bike very easy to follow the offender through the traffic and catch up at the next traffic lights and pull them over.
I'd like to see them on the roads, but out of uniform and on unmarked bikes. Lots of them. The fine revenue could be used to quadruple the state government's cycling infrastructure budget, and I couldn't think of better people to be funding it.
In Brisbane, Police on bicycles only target cyclists... mainly for no bells; helmets; lights. Revenue raising.
For no bells and no helmet, revenue raising for sure. For no lights? Hmm, I think that's fair enough.
I agree. Assuming you're riding at night, having no lights is dangerous for other road users as well as yourself, so it's fair for it to be proscribed.

I see a lot of helmeted riders at night with no lights, which is a sad commentary on people's risk assessment abilities.
Maybe... but on some of our unlit shared paths it is no less dangerous than a pedestrian without lights - they're invisible!

I always ride with my lights on even at dusk when the light is still 'good enough'.
Have to agree with this. Going home over the Anzac Bridge last night, with the poor lighting and headlight glare from cars on the road, it wasn't until about 5 metres away that I spotted a girl dressed all in black. Thankfully I was able to swerve and miss her.
No bell !
We might have to get the style police involved as a counter measure.
Bells... Not as contentious as the helmets, and fewer people have them. I don't have a bell, but it'd be useless anyway.

My typical scenario is idiot lounge-room-on-wheels enthusiast turning off side street without right of way into space occupied by me on bike, doing 30-40 km/h. I get this maybe 4-5 times per year. In a true emergency, I find shouting rude words at absolute maximum volume works OK. If I see it soon enough. And yes, I can evade and shout at the same time.

The "ching-ching" if I purloined a bell from one of my kids' bikes wouldn't work, although I admit an air horn might. Frankly, I'd rather use my hands for braking, steering and any other act of evasion that might be necessary.
I'd rather use the brakes too; my bell can be operated with both hands braking so I don't have to worry.

We had police here on a busy bike path in Brisbane handing out infringements for no bells a few weeks ago - I'm not kidding...

Sometimes warning pedestrians causes more problems as they dart all over the place, changing directions. I usually slow down to walking speed if it is clear they haven't heard me.


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